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International Project Highlights: Lumon Group

  • Pasila Tripla, Finland

    Three-and-a-half-year collaboration between YIT Corporation and Lumon resulted in the Pasila Tripla construction project in Helsinki. The building consists of over 400 apartments, all of which have glazed balconies.

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  • Roots, Germany

    In the heart of Hamburg’s Hafencity, Germany’s tallest wooden skyscraper is being built: “Roots”. 181 apartments, 1,700 square meters of office space and 2,000 square meters of exhibition space will be built on 18 floors.

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  • Zuiderzicht, Belgium

    In Antwerp’s Nieuw Zuid, this striking 24-storey high-rise with a hotel in a 6-storey wing area was completed in 2020. The building complex was designed by the architectural firm KCAP in Rotterdam.

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  • Joy am Ufer, Germany

    In the Mannheim district of Luzenberg, not far from the water tower, this fantastically beautiful new construction project called Joy am Ufer was built on the banks of the Old Rhine, which brings the holiday directly home.

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  • Dock1, Germany

    As part of the new urban quarter at Zollhafen in Mainz, consisting of a total of 28 building sites, the DOCK1 building ensemble with historic harbour character and maritime flair was built in 2017.

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  •  Oy Forssan Jyvähovi, Finland

    With the aim of improving the general appearance of the building and the comfort of its residents, Oy Forssan Jyvähovi invested in a high-quality façade renovation in 2022.

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  • Lumon for renovation

    Tegnestuen LOKAL, Denmark

    Before the renovation Ørsted Gardens was called the ugliest building in Denmark, but today it can be called Denmark’s best renovation. The project won the Renovation Award year 2021, Tegnestuen LOKAL Architects being responsible for the architectural design. Lumon products play a key role in the facade design of the building.

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  • New construction Lumon

    Allcon, Poland

    Allcon is a Polish construction company owning a new housing project in one of dynamically developing districts in Gdańsk. The architecture in the area has been kept reasonably Iow-rise to ensure residents a feeling of living in high-end buildings, surrounded by beautiful landscape.

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  • GENU Partner AG, Switzerland

    Lumon Schweiz AG was chosen as a partner in the Feldbreite project in Emmen, Switzerland. This beautiful apartment complex was completed 2022, and it includes 21 pieces of threshold, room-high loggia-type glazings.

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