Oy Forssan Jyvähovi, Finland

With the aim of improving the general appearance of the building and the comfort of its residents, Oy Forssan Jyvähovi invested in a high-quality façade renovation in 2022.

The façade renovation of the housing company built in the 60s, covered windows, heat insulation, the outer casing and façade panels. The façade project also included a balcony renovation, which was completed with Lumon’s balcony glazing and blinds.

Lumon was involved in the project since the project planning phase. According to property manager Piia Heikkilä, the competent service of a Finnish operator and high-quality, long-lasting products made the choice easy. “We decided to choose Lumon’s balcony glazing and blinds because the main contractor had positive experiences with them. We had an excellent general contractor, supervisor and active board of directors, all of whom helped the project run smoothly.”

In the house, some of the balconies were already glazed and some were not. In connection with the façade renovation, we dismantled all the old balcony glazing and railings and updated them with new ones. We chose Lumon as the supplier due to their professional service and versatile products.

Contractor Teemu Majava from Majava Bros

Successful cooperation between the different parties involved in the repair project enabled the project to run smoothly and achieve a successful outcome.

Lumon’s operations at the construction site are professional. Working is easy because we have years of experience in cooperation. I recommend Lumon because the products are of high quality and versatile, the models do not change every year, spare parts are available for old models, product warranties work and the company is financially sound.

Contractor Teemu Majava

A member of the housing company’s board of directors was also satisfied with the cooperation.

Cooperation with Lumon went well and I have received positive feedback from shareholders. I could warmly recommend Lumon’s products to housing companies and shareholders!

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