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Lumon glazing at Yorkson Park

New Construction Projects in Canada

Lumon’s new construction projects in Canada deliver impressive return on investment and faster sell-out rates. Our innovative glazing systems optimize living spaces, captivating buyers.

Renovation projets by Lumon Canada

Renovation Projects in Canada

Lumon can be incorporated on existing buildings. Our advanced glazing solutions enhance living areas while optimizing long-term efficiency. Lumon can help you elevate your property’s value.

Lumon facade glazing solutions

Upcoming Projects in Canada

With over 44 years of experience, our innovative solutions have consistently delivered exceptional results in building design. Lumon offers cutting-edge products that enhance functionality and aesthetics, setting your projects apart from the rest.

International projects by Lumon Group

International Projects

Lumon Group excels in international projects, delivering innovative and versatile glass solutions that elevate building design, enhance outdoor spaces, and optimize living experiences worldwide.

Lumon glass Walls for restaurants

Restaurants and Hospitality Projects

Lumon Canada transforms restaurant spaces with cutting-edge patio enclosures, offering weather protection, increased seating capacity and year-round usability. Elevate your dining experience with Lumon’s elegant glass solutions.

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