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Outdoor Glass Enclosures

Enjoy your balcony, deck, porch or patio all year round

What are Outdoor Glass Enclosures?

An outdoor glass enclosure typically refers to a structure designed to enclose an outdoor space, such as a balcony, deck, porch or patio using glass panels or glass walls. These glass enclosures provide protection from the elements while allowing occupants to still enjoy the outdoor view and ambiance. These enclosures traditionally were only installed as a fully enclosed glass room. But this resulted in discomfort in extreme weathers.

Today, Lumon is proud to present the perfect solution for that! Now you can get these enclosures custom made using retractable glass walls providing you the flexibility to utilize the three-season room depending on the weather conditions of a specific day and functionality desired. Lumon outdoor glass enclosures are often used by our customers to extend the usability of outdoor spaces throughout the year, providing a safe space from wind, rain, and cold weather while still allowing the flexibility to use the room exactly the way you want and providing natural light to enter the space.

Lumon - Increased living space

Increased living space

Weather protection

Protection from elements like rain, wind and snow

Added property value

Adds value to your home

There is a significant difference between traditional enclosures and retractable or sliding enclosures.

A conventional glass enclosure differs significantly from retractable enclosures by Lumon, boasting numerous features that set it apart and elevate the concept of expanding your living space. On this page, we will discuss the distinction between a typical “enclosure” and Lumon glazing, empowering you to make an informed decisions when making the decision to enclose your balcony, deck, porch or patio.

Conventional deck or porch enclosures create a fixed barrier that limits your ability to customize the space according to your preferences. While they may offer additional square footage, they often sacrifice the essence of a true patio or porch.

Lumon glazing, on the other hand, acts as both a thermal barrier and weather protector for your porch or balcony, all while preserving its essential connection to the outdoors. With Lumon’s foldable glass walls, you have the freedom to tailor your porch, patio or balcony experience to your liking, while also gaining additional space for endless possibilities.

Opening up for Spring

Types of outdoor glass enclosures

As Lumon offers custom glass enclosures, we can enclose any outdoor space you can think about! Discussed below are some of the most common projects thousands of people have trusted Lumon with:

front porch enclosure ideas

Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures can be the wow factor anyone will notice when they see your house ever from the streets! Lumon glass wall system represents an innovative and practical solution to protect your porch from the elements, without sacrificing the connection with the natural environment.

Patio Enclosure by Lumon Canada

Patio Enclosures

Are you unable to use your patio year-long because of extreme Canadian weather? Let’s change that!
Lumon patio enclosures represent a modern and effective option to protect your patio from the weather and enjoy the outside of your home.

Lumon Glass Walls for Deck enclosure

Deck Enclosures

Have a raised deck you want to enclose? Lumon glass enclosures can be compatible with your existing deck!

With Lumon’s sleek design, functionality and versatility, we allow you to enjoy a protected and comfortable space, without sacrificing the connection with nature and the outdoor environment.

Lumon balcony enclosure is a profitable investment

Balcony Enclosures

Lumon balcony glass enclosure is a beautiful way to transform your house or condo balcony into a useable space you can enjoy in comfort for many months of the year. On warm summer days, you can slide the retractable glazing fully or partially open, letting you enjoy your outdoor balcony however you like. Or you can completely close the panels on a windy day!

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