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Porch Enclosures

Create more living space on your porch with Lumon enclosures

What are glass porch enclosures?

Lumon porch enclosures offer an ideal solution for enjoying your front porches or backyard porches throughout the year. With Lumon porch enclosures, you can transform your outdoor area into a valuable extension of your home. If you’re seeking a way to maximize this space year-round, your porch holds the key, presenting limitless possibilities.

The Lumon folding glass porch enclosure empowers you to utilize this unique space for impromptu gatherings, leisurely summer afternoons, unleashing your inner gardener, and a plethora of other activities tailored to your preferences. Moreover, with an enclosed porch, you can bid farewell to concerns about weather, dirt, or wind, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the experience.

Opting for Lumon to enclose your porch unlocks all these benefits and more: protection, sleek design, enhanced security, and seamless integration with any style.

The advantages of glass porch enclosures for your home and lifestyle

The benefits of enclosing your porch for your home and lifestyle are numerous. Not only does it offer you the opportunity to enjoy a new space, but it also provides protection from harsh weather conditions, keeps dirt out of your home, helps save on electricity bills by harnessing cross ventilation through a bioclimatic gallery, and reduces outside noise, among many other advantages.

Weather protection

Weather protection

Noise reduction

Noise reduction

Increases house value

Increase house value

Front porch enclosure

Enjoy your glass-enclosed porch all year round

At Lumon, our aim is to ensure that your enclosed porch becomes your favorite corner of your home, where you can enjoy year-round comfort and flexibility. Whether you want to utilize this for backyard porch or front porch, with Lumon glass walls, the power is in your hands to tailor the space to your exact preferences.

Immersing yourself in the surroundings regardless of the season or weather conditions is now within reach. With sleek design and construction, we deliver impeccable finishes and unparalleled quality. At Lumon, we pride ourselves on creating durable glass enclosure structures that stand the test of time, which is why we boast numerous satisfied customers.

With our custom-built projects, we’ll help you turn your glazed porch into a dream sanctuary. Our team of expert professionals in glazing will provide you with the best advice to ensure the perfect solution for your home.

Backyard Porch Enclosures

How to close a backyard porch or a front porch with Lumon glass walls?

Enclosing a front or backyard porch with Lumon glass walls is much simpler than you might think. With years of experience in the industry and as pioneers in patio and porch enclosure systems, we understand exactly what you need and can provide expert guidance to transform your porch into the most cherished corner of your home.

Our team of specialized design consultants will offer tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. They will carefully evaluate all available options to ensure your porch becomes truly spectacular. Throughout this process, you’re encouraged to unleash your imagination and envision all the delightful activities that await you as you enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

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