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Create more living space on your deck with Lumon enclosures

What are glass deck enclosures?

Deck enclosures or deck covers, are structures built around an existing outdoor deck area. These deck enclosures can vary in design and materials but generally serve the purpose of enclosing or partially enclosing the outdoor space.

Lumon glass deck enclosures provide an excellent solution for enjoying your decks attached to home . By opting for Lumon deck enclosures, you can seamlessly extend your indoor living space into the outdoors, transforming your outdoor deck into a valuable extension of your home. If you’re looking to maximize the use of your deck throughout the seasons, an enclosed deck by Lumon is the way to go.

With Lumon’s folding or retractable deck glass panels, you have the flexibility to utilize this unique space for spontaneous gatherings, relaxed summer days, pursuing gardening hobbies, and various other activities tailored to your preferences. Additionally, with a fully enclosed deck, worries about weather, dirt, or wind become a thing of the past, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Choosing Lumon for your deck enclosure unlocks numerous benefits, including protection from the elements, a modern and stylish design, improved security, and seamless integration with any architectural style.

Lumon Glass Walls for Deck enclosure

The advantages of glass deck enclosures for your home and lifestyle

En enclosed deck brings a multitude of benefits to both your home and lifestyle. Beyond simply creating a new area to enjoy, it shields you from harsh weather, prevents dirt, and promotes energy efficiency by facilitating cross ventilation. Additionally, it diminishes external noise pollution, offering a tranquil retreat right on your deck. These advantages, among others, make deck enclosures a valuable investment for homeowners seeking to enhance their outdoor living experience.

Weather protection

Weather protection

Lumon - Increased living space

More room for life

Increases house value

Increase house value

Can you install a deck enclosure on your existing deck?

In the planning phase of converting your underutilized deck into an enclosed deck, one common query is whether you can construct an enclosure on an existing deck. It is important to explore various decking options and considerations before embarking on your deck enclosure project.

From concrete pads to wooden decks and vinyl or composite decking, each offers its benefits and challenges. Ensuring your deck’s structural integrity is paramount for supporting an enclosure, guaranteeing years of enjoyable outdoor living space.

You can explore more in our blog, where we hope to open up various decking options, and what considerations should be made before the execution of your deck enclosure project.

Sunroom addition as a deck enclosure

Crafting Your Dream Deck Enclosure

At Lumon, our goal is to make your deck enclosure the ultimate cozy spot in your home, where you can kick back and enjoy year-round comfort and versatility. Lumon glass walls give you the freedom to customize the space just the way you like it.

With our tailor-made projects, we’ll help you transform your glazed deck enclosure into your personal oasis. Our team of glazing experts will offer you the best advice to ensure the perfect solution for your home.

Lumon glazing increases house value with deck enclosure

How to close a deck with Lumon glass walls?

Turning your deck into a usable space with Lumon glass walls is easier than you imagine. With years of industry expertise, we know just what it takes to elevate your enclosed deck into the heart of your home.

Our team of dedicated design consultants will explore all possibilities to ensure your deck enclosure becomes a true masterpiece.

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