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Nowadays, it is common for newly built apartments to feature at least one balcony, with the idea is that people should have direct access to outside air in urban environments. However, balconies are often unused, or at best used as a storage room. There is several reasons for this: balconies can be windy and become wet when it rains, get dirty when the leaves fall onto the balcony in autumn, and sometimes small animals, such as birds, use it as their home. All of this is simply because the balcony is built to be totally open. Therefore, the utilization of balconies is typically very low.

Glazed balconies can provide numerous benefits for construction industry professionals, including increased property value, enhanced living experience, more usable space, and increased energy efficiency. These benefits can make a property more attractive to potential buyers or renters and increase the profits of construction industry professionals.

Lumon balcony glazing benefits

Lumon Glazing benefits

Glazed balconies can provide several benefits for construction industry professionals in terms of increasing living space for building occupants. Some of these benefits include are covered below.

Lumon balcony glazing benefits

Increased value of the property:

Glazed balconies can increase the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters. This can result in higher profits for construction industry professionals.

Lumon balcony glazing benefits

Enhanced living experience:

Glazed balconies can provide a comfortable outdoor space for occupants to relax, entertain, or enjoy the view. This can enhance their overall living experience and satisfaction with the property.

Lumon balcony glazing benefits

More usable space:

Glazed balconies can provide additional useable space for occupants, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as gardening, exercising, or dining. This can increase the functionality of the property and improve its appeal to potential buyers or renters.

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