Multi-Family Residential Renovation Projects with Lumon in Canada

Multi-Family Residential Renovation Projects in Canada

  • Lumon facade renovation at morrison manor

    Morrison Manor, Victoria

    This was Lumon’s second project on the island and was the first Lumon project completed with RDH Building Science. This project featured Lumon’s postless railing with frosted privacy glass.

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  • Lumon facade restoration in Victoria

    Tigh Na Mara,Victoria

    This was Lumon’s first renovation project on Vancouver Island. This was also the first project to feature the Lumon Post Railing.

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  • Lumon Balcony enclosures used for renovation

    Woodlawn Tower II, Guelph

    This renovation project features425 meters of Lumon railing and 250 meters of Lumon Glazing system. Designed with both safety and privacy in mind, these elegant railings provide a sense of security while adding a touch of sophistication to the building’s exterior.

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  • PRO Blog for Lumon

    Caywood Court, Victoria

    Building upon a successful partnership, Lumon embarked on its second renovation project with Method Engineering, solidifying their collaborative efforts in transforming existing structures into modern architectural marvels. This project, which seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetic appeal, further exemplifies Lumon’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions.

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  • Lumon-Chateau-Jubilee-Victoria

    Chateau Jubilee, Victoria

    This was the first complete renovation project where both the railings and upper retractable framless glazing was included in the renewal project with Method engineering. The project featured Lumon post railing with clear glass.

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