Zuiderzicht, Belgium

In Antwerp’s Nieuw Zuid, this striking 24-storey high-rise with a hotel in a 6-storey wing area was completed in 2020. The building complex was designed by the architectural firm KCAP in Rotterdam.

Interbuild, a Belgian subsidiary of the Dutch company BAM, acted as general contractor. The large-scale project was implemented together with our Dutch sales partner Fit In Glas. It is the first building complex in Belgium to be built with Lumon glazing products.

  • Type: New building
  • Architect/contractors: KCAP Architects and Planners, Rotterdam / FIT IN Glass Netherlands
  • Project developer: Triple Living nv
  • General contractor: Interbuild nv
  • Local cooperation partner: Fit In Glass, Roosendaal
  • Building type: 24-storey residential high-rise with a hotel in a 6-storey wing area
  • Lumon products: 1,938 m glass railings, 871 m balcony glazing

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