Using Blinds to Achieve the Optimal Level of Temperature and Protection

Not just a blind

It’s not anything new under the sun, but blinds or window coverings have been around for centuries in all forms, shapes and sizes. Over time, blinds have evolved due to many new inventions and patents providing the customer with a better user experience and giving them more control over the use of the blind. One of the earliest patents for a window shae was filed in 1888, by George L. Castner. Likewise the Visor Blind has developed over the last 2 decades incorporating customers’ feedback into new design and usability. The Visor Blind can be installed to balcony and terrace glazing panels and windows with a unique, patented, no screw installation. This not only speeds up the work for the install crew but gives the balcony owner the peace of mind knowing that the installation of blinds will not void the manufacturer’s warranty. More so, it is not only the mechanical qualities of the blind that set it apart, but also the functions giving the user access to optimal control over light and protection.

Two forms of Protection

Visor balcony and terrace blinds come with a standard 2-way stepless adjustment mechanisim. This means that the blind can be adjusted from top to bottom and from bottom to top. See fig. below. Most commonly, when the blind is adjusted from top to bottom, it is then been used as a form of sun protection. This stepless adjustment allows for the blind to be adjusted to the exact height and provides the user with control of how much sun comes into different areas of the enclosure. It is important to note that each indvidual glazing panel is equipped with a blind, enabling the user to adjust how much shade/light they want across different areas of the space. For example, on an early summer morning, the user can sip a cup coffee and read the morning news from their tablet and by simply adjusting the blind on the first panel they achieve optimal control over the sun, blocking its’ rays from glaring off the screen. Likewise they can store the blind at the top second glazing panel, and enjoy the rays of heat cast across the rest of the body. In this way we can see the benefits of 2-way adjustable blind installed on each individual panel.

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The proetection that blinds provide is most comonnly correlated with sun and heat protection. The urbanisation of rural areas to cities continues to grow world wide, packing people into cities, and with the UN estimating that by 2050, 68% of the world population is projected to be living in urban areas, we can see there is also another glaring need for protection. This is privacy. The user can simply adjust the blind to the desired position, from bottom to top, blocking out the outside world but allowing for the natural light to still flow into the balcony. When the blinds are adjusted in such a manner, it allows you to keep the blinds in the living space, behind the glazed enclosure, “open”, creating a more open/airy and bigger attmosphere. Not only does this provide protection from the curious looks of passerbys but also another element of security. When the blinds of the balcony or terrace are “closed”, it cannot be determined if or who is at home,  keeping your property more secure and uninviting to unwanted guests.     

Comfortable environment

Balcony and Terrace glazings enhance the use of the balcony or terrace all year round. The blinds play a key role in keeping, not only the balcony or terrace a comfortable space, but also the living space in behind. A study conducted by Kimmo Hilliaho, Doctor of Science in Technology, provides evidence that blinds installed on the glazing panels have a direct effect not only on the temperature of the glazed enclosure itself but also on the room in behind, as seen in figure below. It is important to note that the backside of each blind is coated with a pearlized surface. This coated surface plays an important role in reflecting light and heat back to where they came from. Once again the 2-way adjustment mecahnism plays an important role for these glazed enclosures. We can affect the temperature of the glazed enclosure and space in behind by adjusting the blinds to provide sun protection. Likewise as evening approaches we can set the blinds from bottom to top, leaving the top part of the blind open, spreading rays of natural light into the space behind.  This provides the user the tools to achieve an optimal level of temperature and protection and create a more comfortable user atmosphere.

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Chad Simonson
Head of Commercial Sales, Suomen Visor Oy