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Chris, Vancouver, BC

Lumon retractable glass walls in Vancouver

My name is Chris, and I live in East Vancouver… We encountered several issues with the outdoor space, such as cushions getting soaked, rugs staying wet for weeks, and wood splitting. It became a useless space. Until we discovered Lumon at a show!

Chris, BC

Today, we feature Chris, who discovered the perfect solution to maximize the potential of an unused outdoor space. Read on to learn how Lumon’s modern and functional design turned this space into a beloved room that adds value and joy to Chris’s home.

Lumon showroom

Discovering Lumon’s Solution

Chris recounts how he first encountered Lumon at a show two years ago. The stunning display and modern design caught his attention immediately. Impressed by Lumon’s quality and aesthetics, he became more intrigued by the possibilities it offered for his own space. Chris shares, “We thought, maybe this is what we need. We were non-committal initially, but after a conversation with the sales associate, we realized it was affordable compared to other systems we had considered.”

Lumon installation process

Exceptional Customer Service and Attention to Detail

Chris praises Lumon’s sales team, emphasizing their follow-up and attention to detail. He fondly recalls spending hours at Lumon’s showroom, engaging in conversations and discussing the project thoroughly. Despite the extended time, Lumon’s team remained attentive, ensuring every question was answered and providing the necessary information for a well-informed decision.

More livable space

Adding Value and Creating a New Room

Chris deliberated on the investment and weighed the pros and cons. The realization that Lumon’s solution would transform the space into a functional room with a stunning view outweighed any concerns. He recognized the significant upgrade this addition would bring to their home. Chris shares, “We now have a spot off the kitchen where we can walk out, lounge, enjoy the view, eat meals, and relax. It became a new room that we previously didn’t have.

Lumon glass walls in Vancouver

Stunning Design and Rave Reviews

Friends and visitors have been amazed by the finished result. Lumon’s solution exceeded their expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The space received rave reviews, with everyone appreciating the remarkable transformation. Chris proudly shares, “People love how it looks. It’s way nicer than what we thought it would be. Economically, it also makes sense, as it adds value to the home.

Lumon has worked wonders for Chris. The once-unused space has become a beloved room that enhances their lifestyle and adds significant value to their property. Lumon’s exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative design have truly transformed their outdoor living experience.

My friend who’s a real estate agent says, ‘Whatever you paid, that probably doubled the value.. DOUBLE for whatever you paid. You’ve added that much value’, that’s what he thinks. So, I mean, how can you go wrong then!

Chris, BC
Lumon customer value proposition

If you’re looking to create your own transformative outdoor living space, don’t hesitate to contact Lumon Canada. Our dedicated team is ready to bring your vision to life and exceed your expectations.

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