Sunroom decorating ideas for fall.

Sunroom decorating ideas for fall

Decoration tips to bring fall into your sunroom

With our sunroom decoration ideas for fall, you can embrace the beauty of autumn from behind our retractable glass walls. With your Lumon sunrooms, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the beautiful colours of fall without the autumn rain and wind.

A beautifully decorated and lit sunroom turns into an oasis that’ll make the sunroom your favourite place this autumn! This will make you want to use your Lumon room for different occasions even in colder months. These three tips will help you live every moment to the fullest in your sunroom this fall!

Here are some things you can do to make your sunroom more welcoming during fall:

  1. Let the green in
  2. Sustainable materials for a better world
  3. Play around with lighting
Well Lit image with a patio cover

1) Let the Green in!

Green has been a top favourite in the interior designing community for 2022. As we head into fall, you can embrace all shades of green imaginable to add in a pop of color, with earthy shades like chocolate browns, lighter camels, pumpkin-orange, gold and peachy beige! These colors will add instant warmth to your sunroom or patio enclosure.

2) Sustainable Materials for a better world

Sustainability has always been a business ideology for Lumon. Seeming it translate into sunroom decor will only take us a step further towards a better home and a better world. Using sustainable materials for your sunroom is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle! You can focus on using furniture or hardware made of sustainable materials. This furniture will not only become the statement feature of the sunroom but will also stand the test of time.

3) Play around with Lighting

The sunroom is a perfect place to spend your fall evenings. But as the days become shorter, it is important to play around with lighting to perfectly fit your fall mood. The soft glow of candles paired with autumn-inspired scents could make all the difference when creating a perfect dinner spot for your family.

Want more ideas on how to use cozy lighting in the sunroom? You can read along here.

Sunroom decorating tips: lighting.
Sunroom decorating tips: lighting.

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