cost of a Lumon sunroom

What makes the price of your retractable sunroom?

It may often be heard that sunroom glazing is ‘just glass’, in which case the price of Lumon’s product may come as a surprise. When we consider what comprises the final price of a sunroom, however, the costs are comprehensive and well-justified. In this blog article, we discuss where presumptions come from and which factors impact the total price of the glazing.

The price of the sunroom is dependent on many factors. Sunroom glazing is a long-term investment, which increases overall resale value of the home and improves lifestyle! Below we discuss all the factors which impact the price of the glazing and associated presumptions. 

What makes the price of a sunroom?

A unique custom build 

Essentially, the price of the sunroom glazing consists of the product itself as well as its installation. The product by no means, however, is ‘just glass’, but the solution is a custom build uniquely measured according to the project in question.

In addition to Lumon’s main product line, there are also additional products which are also custom-priced depending on the project. That being said, there are no ready-made rooms waiting for the buyer, but a custom solution is designed for each and every home!

The design and production of Lumon’s product

Lumon products have a Scandinavian design, but production processes are all handled within Canada. Some minor components are still shipped from Finland where Lumon has its headquarters, but the glass and aluminum profiles are manufactured locally. Canadian climate and conditions are taken into consideration in the design of the products, considering things such as snow and wind load. Local production also helps in the sense that Lumon is an employer for local communities. The design of individual projects is naturally included in the final price.

Technical elements of the glazing 

Considering the technical elements of the product, notable aspects are its durability, the thickness of the glass as well as the user experience. The thickness of the glass has a direct impact on the user experience, as thinner glass bends in the wind and is not as durable as thicker glass. Most commonly, Lumon uses tempered glass with a thickness of 8-10 mm in its glazing products. Paying a little more for thicker glass is thus worthwhile, as the costs result in reaped benefits. 

The look of the product

Naturally, the look of the glazing is a major deciding factor in purchasing, perhaps even one of the most important deciding criteria. The sunroom glazing is also usually a significant part in the façade of the home, so the look of is indeed not just a minor detail! 

The sunroom is designed and produced in Canada, featuring a classy Scandinavian design. The glazing is also always designed on the basis of the project in question, so that the glazing not only fits the façade of the home but is in harmony with the nature or surroundings of the home as well.   

The service package

When purchasing sunroom glazing, its good to be aware of what all is included in the price. Does the service package include everything from design to permit processes to installation, or does for example installation have to be paid for separately? 

Permit requirements

Building permits are often required from municipalities for the installation of sunroom glazing. Alongside a professional Design Consultant, you do not need to worry about permit processes on your own and will receive the help that you need to be guided through the process. At Lumon, we offer a permit package as an additional service, with renderings and all necessary paperwork included. 


The installation work is part of the final calculated glazing price. 

Lumon maintenance and installation

A long warranty time 

A high-quality product is usually recognized by the fact that it has a long warranty period. This goes also for glazing: Lumon has a 5-year warranty for its products. Install labor also has a 2-year warranty.

Maintenance and additional parts

It’s important to pay attention to the maintenance of the glazing, so it need not be replaced. This is why Lumon provides its own maintenance services for all its glazing products. Maintenance does not happen alongside installation but has its own resources to ensure the quality of service

The company behind the glazing

When purchasing glazing, its also important to pay attention to the producer and supplier of the glazing, so the company behind the glass. It’s a good idea to check at least the background of the company

At Lumon, we have a long and solid history in the glazing industry as well as associated production processes. Although we have internationalized very quickly, Lumon Canada runs its own supply chain and localizes processes such as design, sales, production, installation and maintenance. Product development is done at Lumon’s headquarters in Kouvola, Finland.

You can read more about the grand opening of Lumon Canada’s own glass fabrication line in September of 2021 here.

value and mission

Do you need more tips on purchasing sunroom glazing? 

Are you looking forward to getting your sunroom completed within a certain timeline? Then, it’s time to get active! Ask our Design Consultants to come by for a free consultation, where you’ll receive more information on the product and an estimate for a solution designed just for you.

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