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Lumon offers tools and expertise to help facilitate the process of design. GDL object, structural images can be incorporated into building design material. All of these speed up the design process and make it easier for the customer to present different options. Making changes that the customer wants is also faster.

We also serve personally at different stages of the design project. Our expertise is at your disposal.

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Lumon ProdLib Design Library for your free use

Lumon brings a digital design tool kit from balcony and terrace glazing products to the desktop of every architect and engineer. You always get the latest versions of the products you need when designing modern, modern items from the Design Library. 

Discover the ProdLib library for designers!


Lumon's ProdLib library contains everything you need to design items with balcony or terrace glazing. 

You can use the ProdLib library as a standalone program or integrated directly into the design software. Downloading and using ProdLib is completely free

By downloading Prodlib you can get the following materials for your computer:

  • Vertical and horizontal cutting of balcony and terrace products
  • Design instructions, technical folders and product libraries
  • AutoCAD and Revit Design Objects
  • ArchiCAD objects
  • Test and research results
  • Fire safety and decibel information
  • Authority approvals and performance declarations

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Always up-to-date material and the latest version of Lumon's Design Library

By downloading the Lumon Design Library, you will receive an automatic notification in the future when we update the materials for our products. In this way, you will always have the latest version of Lumon design tools.

For example, the Lumon Design Tool Library contains the following: 

Instructions You will find comprehensive instructions for Lumon products in the Design Tool Library. You can design structures that make installing Lumon products easy and cost-effective. Learn more about our product solutions here. 

The GDL objects
Lumon's balcony and terrace library complement ArchiCAD. Objects are designed to facilitate design work and make it easy to illustrate and compare solutions. You can download objects from the Design Tool Library.

Tests and approvals 
Lumon Design Tool Library give you the key test and authority approvals. 

Download the Design Tool Library for your use: 


This is how you use the Lumon Design Tool Library

Watch the video on how Lumon's design library works in practice: 

New Lumon handrail REVIT materials available

New Lumon post railing system is a polished and finished design, to the last detail. The handrail structure and the various joining elements are designed so that the handrail sits neatly on the balcony structures without any pits and other applications on site. 

By downloading the Lumon Design Library, you can use the REVIT materials of the new handrail and you can design the Lume Handrail with the Revit program in the future.

In this, as in many other similar and different sites I've used Lumon in detail library for the benefit of, and in addition to every destination will always help Lumon's own staff.

- Architect Markku Korjonen Architects Lappalainen & Korjonen Oy



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