Lumon has finalized a major deal in Canada to deliver balcony and railing glass systems for two high-rise buildings

The Canadian subsidiary of the Finnish family-owned company, Lumon, has made history by securing a significant order for the provision of balcony glass facades for two high-rise buildings. The order is worth millions of euros. The question is of the first, over 100 meters high, residential high-rise buildings, to feature Lumon's balcony and railing glass solutions throughout. All in all, the project consists of two stages. The first stage relates to providing a 34-storey high-rise building with balcony and railing glass systems. It stands 104 meters high. The other stage relates to a 36-storey high-rise building that stands 109 meters high.

“We are glad that our long-term cooperation with local authorities in Vancouver area has paid off and Lumon has been accepted as the supplier of glazing systems. Lumon has clearly been a pioneer in its sector and its quality products and their thorough certification have made it possible to open the market in Canada,” says Olli Vänskä, CEO at Lumon North America Inc.

“In August, we told about our decision to invest in the production plant in Canada. The major order that we have now secured is an indication that our investment was well timed,” Vänskä sums up. According to Vänskä, preparations for the investment are currently in progress and the project is advancing as scheduled. “The positive decisions of the cities regarding the construction of balconies will ensure that additional investments are made in Canada. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to equipment procurements, we are also investing heavily in recruiting additional staff”, Vänskä says.

According to Ivan Sun from the Vansoho Development Corporation, Lumon’s world leadership in the market and 40 years of experience was a large factor which made Lumon stand out. “That reputation gives us the unwavering confidence that together we can deliver both exceptional service and quality and, confidence in the design, installation and warranty ” he says.

For Lumon Canada and Vansoho Development Corp., this is the start of a long-term partnership. Ivan Sun states, “We expect to use the Lumon system in all of our future projects and look forward to the new and dynamic innovations that are sure to come in the years ahead.”

“Our subsidiary in Canada has systematically improved the visibility of the Lumon brand and its staff has stayed extremely close to the customer. It has been great to monitor the growth of our business operations in the market in question. It is a clear breakthrough for Lumon to provide the high-rise buildings with glazing systems, as it makes it possible to provide an entirely new building type with glass solutions. We believe that similar projects will also be implemented in the future,” rejoices Jussi Kinnunen, CEO at Lumon Group.

There is a total of 510 units in the high-rise buildings. The balcony glazing systems will be installed in all the apartments. The buildings have 34 or 36 storeys and they stand more than 100 meters high. All in all, Lumon will deliver over 4.3 kilometers of Lumon products for the objects. The total glass area is somewhat less than 12.000 square meters. The buildings are located in the city of Maple Ridge, close to Vancouver.