The Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) has published a new handbook in Finnish, RIL 272-2019, with a heading: Balcony and terrace glazing as a structural element. The regulations, guidelines and best practices.

Drawn up together with leading experts in Finland, the handbook is based on the latest research information and long experience, and, thus, it offers an extensive information package, starting from the planning and implementation process of glazing products to the best practices available for the use and maintenance of the glazing systems.

The preparation of the publication was triggered off in 2017, when Kimmo Hilliaho, Editor of the handbook, defended his doctoral dissertation at the Tampere University of Technology. The subject dealt with energy savings that resulted from balcony enclosures. Miimu Airaksinen, Managing Director and CEO at RIL, acted as his opponent. According to her suggestion, it was advisable to compile a handbook that was based on Hilliaho's doctoral thesis.

renovation building before lumon balcony glass

“RIL's guidelines are highly recognised within the industry. It is great that the content of the doctoral research finally ended up in a practical design handbook. Many other experts in the industry have participated in the compilation of the handbook by writing about their own findings. The publication has been on circulation for comments to the building inspection authorities of major cities, for example, and it has been finalised on the basis of the feedback,” rejoices Kimmo Hilliaho, Editor of the handbook, D.Sc. (Tech). “We use this handbook in our international business when negotiating with local authorities in our exporting countries about regulations and standards for balcony glazing” Hilliaho amplifies.

“Based on the latest research information and long experience, the handbook offers an extensive information package that reveals how the glazing should be planned and implemented. It provides knowledge and skills of, not only how to plan, but also how to use and maintain the glazing systems. It is good that leading experts in the industry have found time to participate in the compilation of the handbook,” says Miimu Airaksinen, Managing Director and CEO at RIL.

lumon balcony facade in building renovations

Pekka Talaskivi, Technical Manager at RIL, acted as the representative for RIL in the project. He says that the handbook deals widely with special dimensioning and planning issues of the glazing products, such as regulations that relate to apartment-specific outside spaces, the micro-climate of the room, the acoustics, the ventilation, as well as the management of temperatures. “The handbook also contains practical planning and calculation examples, as well as findings that relate to fire safety, for example. It has been a great opportunity for me to take part in the coordination of the project,” sums up Talaskivi.

Kimmo Hilliaho emphasises that the handbook is intended for all those, who may participate in the acquisition, planning and maintenance of the balcony and terrace glazing products, such as designers, manufacturers of the product, developers, installation service firms, property management companies, as well as authorities that supervise balcony and terrace glazing installations. “A total of over 600,000 balconies in Finland have already been fitted with balcony glazing systems as from the mid-1980s. It is great that these thorough glazing guidelines are finally available, as they allow for a standardisation of the glazing practices. Our glazing experts at Lumon can give more information relating to the handbook and provide assistance in the glazing design ,” states Hilliaho.

Miimu Airaksinen, Managing Director and CEO at RIL  and Editor of the handbook, D.Sc. (Tech)Kimmo Hilliaho Lumon Oy

Being not only a family-owned company, but also an international Group, Lumon has focused on selling, manufacturing and installing balcony facade and terrace glazing products. Our most important export destination countries are Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, and Canada. The production plants of the company are located in Kouvola and Kempele in Finland, as well as in Canada. The turnover of the company is some EUR 138 million. The Group employs more than 1000 people.

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