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Lumon is committed to sharing the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the past four decades in designing and constructing balcony glazing systems and facades for thousands of construction and renovation projects. As a global leader in frameless balcony glazings with over a million satisfied customers worldwide, we are proud to offer our B2B customers a wealth of expertise and support throughout all phases of their projects.

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  • Multi-residential building with balconies enclosed in balcony glazing on a sunny day

    Excellence in outdoor living design

    Lumon is growing and developing into its own phenomenon – a globally significant company in the balcony and terrace market. While the recognition of balcony glazing products can be seen as a benefit, this also poses a challenge on the company’s products: Meeting even the toughest international expectations and requirements.  

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  • The rise in wellness architecture

    Architectural spaces have long been recognized to promote social order and interaction with others as well as the environment. However, the connection of architecture and wellness has only become a popular topic in recent years, the pandemic acting as a catalyst in the conversation. In 2022, the theme of the World Architecture Day was even coined: “Architecture for well-being.” The discourse around wellness and architecture has given birth to a concept fitting in its name: “wellness architecture.”

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  • 4 ways balcony glazing promotes a sustainable lifestyle

    Energy savings is a hot topic, and it deserves our attention as well. The world is in the middle of an energy crisis that is impacting everyone. Being at home has also become a familiar concept to many in the past years, but what about the energy costs that are now involved with being at home? How can we move towards more energy-efficient living, without compromising on comfort?

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  • Customer feedback is a continuous topic of interest regarding product development

    Product development is about much more than brainstorming amongst engineers. I have become very familiar with Lumon’s glazing products during my nearly 30-year career with the company while serving various roles over this period. Simply put, the task of product development is to sustain our status as the best supplier of glazing in the industry.

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  • Balcony glazing protects structures and reduces renovation needs

    The urbanisation in the 1960s has significantly contributed to the increased popularity of balconies. The target serviceable life of balconies is around 50 years, but balconies don’t necessarily withstand tough weather conditions as long as this. The serviceable life is affected by the surface disintegration, structural quality and water proofing method of the balcony. Balcony glass installations and water guidance arrangements will reduce the intensity of surface disintegration. More than 75 % of all balconies in Finland have been provided with glazing systems. More than 90 % of the balconies in new multi-storey buildings are provided with glazing systems during the construction stage already.

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  • Beyond architectural beauty: Making intelligent, sustainable buildings

    The field of architecture is constantly evolving and changing. With its multi-faceted nature, there are more and more things to take into consideration as professionals. One of the things, of course, is energy-efficient thinking in collaboration with building science.

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  • Missed business opportunity? – Easy calculation. Learn how.

    We at Lumon have been developing frameless sliding and folding balcony glazing solutions for three decades. We have seen more and more happy faces of our clients. We have witnessed the numerous ways of people making the most out of their balconies. We have seen the great difference it makes to a family living in an apartment with a glazed balcony.

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  • Lumon integrated and energy saving balcony systems

    The fact is that all kinds of production jobs call for energy and result in emissions. Rare are such products that allow for as fast compensation of their environmental impacts as the balcony and terrace glazing solutions. It takes, on average, somewhat over three years to compensate for the negative environmental impacts that result from the manufacture, transport and installation of the glazing, besides considering the energy savings that have been obtained through using the glazing.

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  • Smell of New York in a coastal town

    I look around the balcony of my family friends; I have been here several times before but somehow note again the basic details. The balcony is large enough, nice furniture, the balcony glazing is made by Lumon, type Lumon 2. The balcony shades are new. They were not in place last time I was here. They have been made in the neighbouring municipality and the deal was closed by phone in Kouvola, I remember. “They are good”, the lady of the house in the living room praises, when she discovers me looking at the new shades.

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