Balcony Facades

Lumon balcony facade solutions in new construction and renovation project

Give your new development or renovation project increased curb appeal with Lumon’s integrated frameless balcony glass and railing systems. Save on maintenance and energy costs.

Lumon recognizes that your building façade is the most prominent part of your building, the face of the building. That´s why we offer versatile building façade solutions to suit your needs. We know that every façade project is unique, so our sales consultants work with you and your architects to ensure that our building façade solutions will fit with your building’s unique look and style.

Safety is our first thought - not an afterthought.

Lumon balcony facadeOur product has been tested in laboratory conditions and in thousands of practical applications around the world. Our balcony façades meet several building regulations and requirements, including European CE-marking  and Canadian CCMC approval among others.

Lumon’s balcony solutions are safe, not only for builders but also for residents. Lumon's product solutions undergo laboratory testing and meet all testing requirements set for railing structures. They are always dimensioned specifically for each project by our knowledgeable and experienced design department. This ensures that our product structures meet the strength and safety requirements set for each individual project.

We are proud to offer an elegant and durable solution that meets the needs of your building. In addition to increasing your curb appeal and creating usable balcony space all year round, Lumon’s frameless retractable glass balcony façades offer many benefits.

Our retractable glass prevents premature balcony degradation by keeping rain, snow, wind, dust, and birds away from your balcony. This protection means less time and money spent on maintenance and repairs to the balcony’s inner surfaces and structures. With our retractable glass, the balcony lifespan doubles.

You’ll also save money on your energy bill. Multiple studies on our balcony enclosures show that adding our retractable glass to your building reduces your overall energy consumption significantly.

Our consultants will supply product-specific simulations, various technical solutions, information about pricing, and deadline estimates for you in order to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

Our projects always include precise product measurements, railing designs, strength and resistance calculations, production and installation plans, drilling drawings, and product-specific technical details so that the time devoted to planning and installation is reduced as much as possible.


Noise reduction

Our balcony façades reduce noise levels up to 50%.

Our retractable glass is secure, meaning increased safety for those on lower floors and peace of mind for those with small children and pets.

Lumon balcony facade. The concept

Our frameless retractable balcony glass is a major selling feature for any new development, as it allows residents to enjoy their balcony all year round, no matter what the weather is like. On windy, rainy, or cool days, they can keep the glass closed for a cozy and comfortable solarium with unobstructed views. They can also slide the retractable glass open easily for fresh air on those beautiful summer days.

Lumon balcony façades combine modern aluminum railings with tempered or heat-soaked frameless retractable glass panes, creating an elegant balcony façade system that will not weather or deteriorate over time.

Not all glass options are the same - at Lumon we ensure that only the highest quality materials are used.

With a focus on both design and engineering, the balcony façade system’s lightweight materials offer durability and functionality while giving your building an elegant, modern appearance. Lumon has designed a building façade that fits together seamlessly and functionally, without any need for additional parts.

We have over 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing building façades all over the world.

We take care of every step of the process, supported by the knowledge and experience that has come from more than three decades of research and product development. This uncompromising dedication to quality has paid off. Our building façades are unrivaled for their style, price, appearance, functionality, security, and user-friendliness—and we have satisfied more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide who agree.

We’re also a green company that takes environmental responsibility seriously and meets the LEED standards.

Our products are designed to have a big impact on the world - not on the environment. That is why our products are energy efficient, free of many toxins, and made from highly recyclable materials like glass and aluminum. These environmental efforts have paid off - we’re proud to report that we have a negative carbon footprint

See the video about energy saving with Lumon balcony facade products