Lumon is quality, Lumon is a guarantee

All the products of the Lumon Group and the Lumon registered trademark are made to measure and exclusively for each project or client, in particular, existing no "standard measure" products or stocks of finished goods.

Lumon manufactures and distributes measure-made products produced according to the consumer's specifications and clearly personalized.

The guarantee comes into force only when the installation has been carried out by an official Lumon installer or by an independent official Lumon reseller, and the invoice is fully paid. The installation company gives the labour and installation guarantee and carries out the installations according to the contract documents and good construction practice.

For reasons of safety and guarantee, any manipulation of the system, repair and / or replacement of parts, must be carried out by the technical staff of Lumon Cristales España, S.L.

LUMON CRISTALES ESPAÑA SL, offers on its products, in addition to the legal guarantee, a five-year warranty throughout the Spanish national territory starting from the day of installation.

Warranty Restrictions

The warranty does not cover:

  • Cleaning of the system or works related to cleaning the product.
  • The cleaning of the glass curtains after the delivery, and the effective entry in use, nor the cleaning works of the surrounding structures.
  • Defects caused by incorrect use or vandalism - adjustments, repairs and spare parts due to normal wear and tear, negligent use of the product by the customer or the resident, or non-compliance with the instructions manual. 
  • Damage caused by depression of the structures, greater load than the ordinary one that falls on the glazing product, an unforeseeable sudden event that affects the glazing or a natural catastrophe.
  • Accessories: the plastic seals between glass and curtains, sin shades or blinds can undergo changes of colour and textures motivated by the external weather conditions and / or dirt, this does not imply the replacement of the same; The warranty period for seals, sun shades and blinds is 2 years.
  • Modifications, repairs, alterations or installations carried out later without the approval of the manufacturer or distributor.
  • Awnings or other accessories, or completely separate structures.
  • Possible drawings or patterns on the surface of tempered glass.
  • Exceptional rains called natural catastrophe.
  • Glass breakage

The limitations to this commercial guarantee will be determined by contract in each specific case. For any claim, you can contact our customer service at the phone number 952 173 823 or email info.spain [at] lumon.com (subject: Lumon%20Warranty)

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