Lumon balcony glazing benefits

FAQ: Balcony Glazing

How much does a glazed balcony cost?
The price of balcony glazing depends entirely on the balcony to be glazed, including its size and structural requirements, as well as the method of installation.
Does acquiring balcony glazing require a permit?
At Lumon Canada, we always recommend inquiring the relevant municipality regarding local bylaws and zoning regulations.
Is a Lumon glazed balcony completely sealed?
A glazed balcony is a ventilated space because concrete and construction need to be aired in order not to become damp and spoil. The glazing itself has an approximate 1.5mm gap in between each panel when completely closed.
With good ventilation, the structures dry out and remain in good condition. The glazing is therefore not completely sealed, but provides sufficient protection against rain and dirt, which means that you don’t have to wipe your furniture and interior so often.
What accessories can be purchased for the balcony?
Various accessories are available for the glazed balcony, such as Visor blinds. Other accessories depend on your local business unit.
Is the glass single or double glazed?
Lumon Glazing Systems are single-glazed and tempered. With non-insulated single-glazed panels, balconies and patios are still considered an outdoor space. However, with passive solar gain, the space will be warmer than a typical balcony that is not enclosed. 
Will this add to FSR Calculations? 
Around the world and most major cities in Canada – Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Barrie, Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec City, North Vancouver, Victoria –  Lumon Glazing Systems are not included in these calculations.
There municipalities that allow with exceptions – Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey. 

We recommend to consult your local Lumon representative to confirm your municipalities regulations. 
Does the Lumon Glazing System completely seal?
No. There is a 3mm gap between each panel. This allows ventilation and works against condensation. Our desire is that your balcony stays your outdoor living space. A 3mm gap is not a hindrance to protecting the balcony from the elements.