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Carvolth/Yorkson Park, Langley

This is the largest project to date for Lumon Canada!

Located in Langley, BC, the Yorkson Park project is a great showcase of Lumon’s products, which are utilized on 9 low-rise condos, 13 townhouse units and a restaurant patio – all within the same development. This is the largest project to date for Lumon Canada!

This is a perfect example of what to expect when you choose Lumon as a partner to fulfill your facade goals. After using Lumon on previous condominium projects, Quadra Homes quickly identified Lumon was one of the top features they offered and that the Lumon balconies acted as a unique selling point. With the ease of business and a positive return on investments, they decided to expand the scope of Lumon in the Yorkson Park development to include Lumon in 13 townhouses and their restaurant patio as well.

  • Units with Lumon glazing: 620 units in 9 low-rise condos, 13 townhouse units and a restaurant patio
  • Location: Langley, British Columbia
  • Architect:  Points West Architecture
  • Developer: Quadra Homes
  • Builder: Peak Construction Group

Lumon has been an asset to work with on all 623 units of our project. Their professionalism and attention to detail and delivery on time-sensitive items has been fantastic. Out of all the trade partners we have on our project, I feel that Lumon is the most attentive to the schedule and has the ability to comprehend where the project is and think weeks in advance of what they need to be doing. This comes at a huge advantage when the schedule is being adjusted and they carry on with due diligence

Johann D’Mello , Project Manager, Peak Construction
Lumon glazing at Yorkson Park

Looking at the product that Lumon had, I immediately saw the quality and said this is a company I want to do business with. I’m very happy using Lumon and I won’t use anyone else.

Shawn Bouchard, Vice President, Quadra Homes

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