Why Use Lumon Balcony Glass for Your Renovation?

The Benefits of Using Balcony Glass for Your Building Renovation

Our balcony glass does not only give your building a beautiful, modern, European look to your building. There are numerous benefits to using Lumon balcony glass for your building that will not only benefit the residents of your building but will also benefit the building owners as well. Take a look at some of the terrific benefits that Lumon balcony glass can offer and find out why building owners all over Canada in cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Hamilton are choosing Lumon for their balcony glass needs!

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Preserves the Building Exterior & Reduces Maintenance Costs

Canada is well known for its harsh climate, especially when speaking about the winter months. A common Canadian winter is known to be cold, snowy and very windy, all of which have a negative impact on the buildings and structures that are built in the country. On average, a building in an area with less extreme weather will require less regular maintenance to ensure that the exterior of the building is up to building regulations. Regular building maintenance can become a very costly expenditure over the lifetime of the building.

Lumon's balcony glass system can counteract this deterioration almost indefinitely by essentially creating an evelope around the balcony. This protect glass layer almost completely stops deterioraiton of the building's exterior concrete and also protects the patio doors and windows of each individual unit. Not only does it stop nearly all deterioration, the building owner will no longer need to regularly spend money on concrete restoration, repainting, and other similar repairs. Lumon's balcony glass system will extend the lifetime of the building's balconies for up to 25 years, and reduce cement deterioration up to 100%.

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Saves Energy

With the weather being extreme for both cold weather and hot weather in Canada, condo-dwellers have to use a lot of energy to ensure that their condo is at a comfortable temperature. This can be very costly for both the condo-dweller as well as the building owner.

Lumon's balcony glass will help the owner of the building save up to 14.9% on energy costs due to the balcony glass system creating a buffer between the interior of the unit and the exterior of the building. The energy saving aspect of Lumon's balcony glass will not only benefit the building owners, but the condo-dweller as well! Not to mention the balcony glass will reduce the buildings carbon footprint.


Enhances Resale Value

Due to the elegance and modern Scandinavian look of the balcony glass, paired with the balcony glass providing the resident with more usable space in their home, the Lumon balcony glass system will increase the value of each individual unit, making your building a more desirable place to live. This aspect of Lumon's balcony glass is beneficial for both the building resident and building owner.

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Reduces Noise & Pollutants

One issue that comes with living in an apartment building or condo is noise. Being in close proximity to loud neighbours and hearing the sounds of the constant traffic can negatively impact the lives of building residents. Lumon's balcony glass can actually reduce noise coming into the unit by 50%, blocking out any disturbances from noisy neighbours or continuous traffic. Not only can Lumon's balcony glass block out noise it can also offer protection against from cigarette smoke and other pollutants, giving residents a better quality of living and increase their happiness.