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Lumon's balcony facades are the smart and sustainable choice. The glazed balcony increases the value of the apartment and makes the building more attractive in the eyes of the buyer, while significantly reducing the life cycle costs of the property and bringing in considerable energy savings. Lumon's balcony solutions are a sure investment, paying itself back quickly. 

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For Construction Companies - an investment into the future

Investing in Lumon's balcony glazing solutions means investing into the future. As a result of our long product development, we have developed stylish, durable and timeless products designed to work in alignment with each other. Modern aluminum railings combined with integrated balcony glazing create a modern and European architectural feel. Our solutions are customized to fit your tastes, while preserving the personality of the building. 

Collaboration in the design phase of the project ensures that the right product solutions are implemented, having a significant impact on the final costs of the project. At the same time, we collaborate on choosing the best solution in terms of aestehtics and functionality for your building. 

Why Lumon as the design choice for your construction company? 5 reasons:  

  • Cooperation results in cost-effective solutions according to the visions of the customer 
  • Project partners receive up-to-date, comprehensive information when weighing different product solutions 
  • When working with the right products, design processes are eased for the entirety of the building
  • Effective installation is considered from the very beginning, bringing in cost benefits 
  • Functional and feasible glazing solutions are made possible when the structural attachment factors are defined early on 

For Contractors - a suitable solution for new and renovated projects

Lumon's balcony is suitable for new and renovated projects. As a contractor, you can rely on Lumon as a partner from the early project design stages until the end, as our solid expertise in glazing design from production to installation has been refined. 

Our beginning-to-end processes ensure a successful end result. We make the job of the contractor easy by managing the balcony facade for our customers from design to installation. Smooth site logistics and responsibility for occupational safety are also important to us. We also offer a comprehensive warranty and service for our products.

Lumon is a reliable partner, ensuring smooth cooperation. Our starting point is always to build long-term customer relationships. Durable, high-quality, easy-to-use products make it easy to fulfill this. 

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Smooth site logistics is an essential part of contracting. We ensure that the product is delivered to the customer in a timely manner and that the product package is intelligent, space-saving and weather-packed. We have designed our work on the site so that it can be exported quickly and efficiently from start to finish without compromising on quality. We hold ourselves to a high level of standards and commit ourselves to the timetables set and pay meticulous attention to occupational safety.

Our way of working at the site has been developed to meet our customers' demands for site logistics, work efficiency and occupational safety, which allows us to promise a more efficient order delivery process than ever before.

Lumon's after-sales service gives you 5 years of safety for your glazed windows

We also bear our responsibility for our products throughout their lifecycle. This can be seen in the fact that we want to make sure that every site finishes smoothly in the agreed schedule. We care about the project and we offer complete service to ensure a safe, efficient and durable installation end-result. A primary check-up is recommended after the first five years, after which the maintenance interval is five years.

For Property Owners and Investors - reduce the lifecycle cost of your property

Glazed balconies are a useful acquisition for end users as well as real estate investors. With glazing, the life cycle cost of the property is reduced significantly, the lifetime of balconies is doubled and the value of the property rises. Apartments with glazed balconies are also more desirable as rental properties, affecting the occupancy rate of the apartments.

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The glazed balcony façade protects the concrete structures and thus also transfers the need for facade repairs. Especially standing, melting and freezing water consumes surfaces, which means that the unglazed balcony is typically renovated every 10 years. Higher temperatures in the open air, the protection provided by the glazing from the rain and the lower humidity inside the glazing doubles the repair interval. The glazed balcony façade needs a tougher repair every 20 years - as long as the balcony glazing is regularly serviced. The cost savings in repair costs are therefore considerable.

Take advantage of our solid expertise in balcony layout design and start designing a balcony facade with us. Our professionals are happy to help!

Why Lumon as the choice for property owners and investors? 5 reasons: 

  • Reduces property life cycle costs
  • Increased energy savings - an average of 5% 
  • Increased privacy on balconies
  • Brings clear benefits for residents, improving usability of units 
  • Makes the property more desirable 

The glazed balcony facade also supports energy-efficient thinking. Higher temperature inside the glazed balcony reduces heat loss, which in turn brings energy savings. The average energy saving is 5%, which then impacts cost savings as well. 

The balcony facade is an investment that pays for itself quickly, as quickly as 10 years

For Architects - a modern and efficient façade solution

We’ve designed our balcony façade design, manufacturing and installation process for Canadian architects and property developers. We work closely with you to make sure that everything goes smoothly, from start to finish.

A rising trend of architecture is that of creating façade solutions that are not only designed to suit the character of the building, but solutions which are sustainable and long-lasting. Lumon provides just that. 

Why Lumon as the choice for architects? 5 reasons:  

  • Sustainable façade solutions  
  • Glass as a design element
  • Supports modern building science 
  • Seamless design which does not take away from the character of the building
  • CCMC approved

Invest in an architectural solution that supports the future. 

Lumon - a reliable and secure choice

Lumon is a reliable and safe choice for decades. We have always wanted to keep the entire product process in our hands from design and production to sales, installation and after-sales service. We take responsibility for the product throughout its lifecycle. Regularly maintained, the product has a life span of about 30 years. We also have a comprehensive and professional service for our glazing - you can trust us to always be near. 

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