Lumon Balcony Glass Solutions: Transforming Façades

Balcony enclosures are the perfect solution for your building

The weather conditions in Canada make outdoor living in city homes a challenge. Canadian weather conditions can lead to an accelerated deterioriation of building exteriors, higher energy costs and endless maintenance costs.

These additional costs can become a burden on building owners and may deter or delay building improvements. Lumon's balcony glass offers a solution to these issues by providing numerous benefits for both the building owner and residents.


What is Lumon balcony glazing?

Lumon's balcony glazing system is a glass balcony enclosure that has the unique ability to fully retract and allow the resident to fully open or fully close their balcony. This system is completely frameless, which allows for unobstructed views for the residents of the building as well as easy use and maintenance when considering the retractability of the system.

When thinking of glass, especially frameless glass, many would assume that the glass would be delicate. However, our product has been engineered and tested to withstand the strong winds and harsh conditions that Canadian climate is known for, all while maintaining an elegant and sleek look.

Dave DeKort is the Director of Mattamy Homes here in the GTA. Here he shares his experiences with Lumon and why they decided to include our frameless balcony enclosure on their latest midrise development in Markham, Ontario.

Types of balcony glazing

Although our balcony glass system can be highly customized to best suit the project, the most common types of balcony glass are railing-to-roof balcony glazing and floor-to-roof balcony glazing. 

Railing-to-roof balcony glass has been engineered and designed to be retrofitted on already existing rails. This type of balcony glass will extend from the top of the rail to the ceiling.

Floor-to-roof balcony glass has the glass panels extend from the floor of the balcony to the ceiling of the balcony. Floor-to-roof balcony glass sits inside the railing which provides a elegant solution to your balcony!

Whether you choose railing-to-roof balcony glass, floor-to-roof balcony glass, or a customized balcony glass to best fit the space, residents will fall in love with having an elegant balcony that gives them a more usable and versatile space in their home, leading to a significantly higher resident satisfaction. 

Our balcony glass systems are meticulously tested

Our balcony glass systems are rigorously tested to withstand both real world and extreme conditions to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. One of the numerous strength and durability tests that we apply to our product is our wind resistance test. Through our tests, it has been determined that our balcony glass can withstand up to 300km/h of wind resistance.

Benefits of balcony glass

As mentioned in the beginning of this page, there are numerous benefits that our balcony glazing can offer for both owner/building developer and resident of the building. These benefits can greatly help building owners lower their costs by making their building more energy efficient, all while providing a beautiful space for the residents of the building.

  • Lumon's balcony glass preserves the exterior of the building,ectending the lifetime of your balcony for up to 25 years.
  • Lumon's balcony glazing solution reduces maintenance costs significantly.
  • Lumon's balcony glass will help your building become more environmentally friendly by building a buffer between the interior and exterior of the building, resulting in energy cost savings up to 14.9%.
  • Lumon's balcony glass will enhance resale value & increase resident satisfaction through increasing usability, reducing noise by 50% and adding a buffer to external elements like cigarette smoke and other pollutants.


Make the façade of your building come alive

At Lumon, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing glass balcony façades for over 40 years. All those decades of research and product development are evident in the quality and design of our glass balcony façades in the GTA as well as the GVA. 

Our glass balcony façades are unrivaled in style, appearance, functionality and security. As our 1,000,000-plus customers can attest, they’re also simple and easy to use. More reasons to select Lumon's balcony facade solutions include:

  • Our balcony facades are rigorously tested to withstand Canadian climate and to meet Canadian building requirements
  • Our balcony facades don't count as permanent enclosures, considering their retractability 
  • We manufacture our balcony facades in Canada - in Vaughan, Ontario. Discover more about our production facilites by watching here
  • We care about the environment, meeting LEED standards
  • Our balcony facades are CCMC approved
  • We respond to your needs, every step of the way

Right from the top of the company to the bottom we have found tremendous service. We have found everything from the purchasing side to the installation side and then to the warranty side—we’ve got experience now with all three elements, and we’ve found Lumon to be very good.

— Shawn Bouchard, VP, Quadra Homes