Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction Using Lumon Balcony Glazing

In many ways, the world is going through lots of changes. One of them is that we are moving into urban environment. The world is moving into cities and towns. More and more of us are living in apartment buildings close to each other. We are very much exposed to noise. First of all traffic noise, streets, motorways, railroads, air traffic… That is affecting our life. Now in the apartments, balcony is one of the best places for relaxation. Very important access to feel the outdoors. But then how to enjoy the life on the balcony in a noisy environment? The Lumon sliding and folding frameless balcony glazing offers an excellent solution there too. It leaves you the unobstructed view to the outdoors without having to suffer the excessive noise.

Noise Reduction Tests

We have done tests in laboratory, and we have got with our standard solution with Lumon balcony glazing and Lumon balustrade has standard 20-decibel sound reduction. And with our best insulation, sealing solution we get up to 27 decibels. It means that the sound level what you hear it’s less than half than without a balcony glazing, so the difference is quite big. Because the noise level on the balcony is already reduced and because of that you get also lower noise level in the apartment.

Luckily the human beings are adaptable. We can change. We can change our lifestyles, and we’ve done that. But there are some very deep needs of being sometimes in a less noisy environment, while being able to experience the outdoor life. And for those moments, we need something that is very easily adaptable. It may be the rush hour, and then we want to be more sheltered from the noise. We just close the balcony glazing system, and the noise level drops dramatically. But if it’s a nice evening, we can just enjoy another kind of environment which may include even birds singing. Why to close the balcony - just very easily simply open it up and get the fresh air flow in freely, and enjoy it as it is.