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Lumon's balcony glass and terrace products are a modern choice for creating spectacular and outstanding items for today's demands. Over the decades, top-notch Lumon products are a high-quality, practical and timeless solution for new and renovation projects. To support design, we want to provide useful and up-to-date tools for architects, designers and designers alike.

With Lumon balcony glazing you just don’t only create better homes but also better looking facades, better architectural design and better looking cities.

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High quality Lumon products as part of a spectacular façade

As a global leader, we have developed more demanding, stylish, and durable products into the lives of over a million people. Our raft products are the result of long product development and meet the requirements of modern architecture. Behind our production process are the passion for terrace and balcony glazing, career-oriented design work, quality materials and functional components. Ease of use, durability and timeless design are always the first in product development, without forgetting cost-effectiveness.

Balcony facades play an important role in building the appearance of the building. Lumon's products tend to become more personal and traditional. With our standard solutions, you can make individual and spectacular facades to suit all tastes, either by creating a new one or by respecting the old. Thanks to our new modern railing product and our fully integrated balcony glazing, the potential for facade appearance is enormous. They give space to architects' creativity and free hands to bring vividness and variety to the surfaces. Take a look at our products  or get inspired by our existing reference gallery.

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Designer's own tool for free from Lumon

Lumon offers tools and expertise to support the work of a designer. The right tools and the right materials will speed up the design process and make it easier for customers to present different options. Making the changes the customer wants is also faster with the help of the finished material library. 

Discover the ProdLib library for designers! Download and start planning: 

Download the Lumon product library

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