Architects, designers and structural engineers

A modern choice for architects, designers and structural engineers

Lumon's balcony glass and terrace products are a modern choice considering the building science of today. Over decades, Lumon products have been developed to provide high-quality, practical and timeless solutions for new and renovation projects. To support the design process, we want to provide useful and up-to-date tools for architects, designers and structural engineers alike.

With Lumon's balcony glazing solutions, not only better homes are created - but also better looking facades, better architectural facade solutions and better looking cityscapes.

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High quality Lumon products as part of a classy and modern façade

As a global leader in the industry, our products work to transform peoples lives. So far, over 1,000,000 customers around the world have chosen Lumon to improve the way in which they live. Our production process is backed with a passion for terrace and balcony glazing, career-oriented design work, quality materials and functional components.

What we consider when thinking about product development 

  • Ease of use 
  • Durability
  • Timeless design
  • Cost-effectiveness

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Balcony facades play an important role in building the appearance and character of the building. With our solutions, you can build classy and modern facades, while still respecting original design - specifically in renovation projects. Thanks to our modern railing product and fully intergated balcony glazing, the potential to transform facades is enoromous. Get inspired by our completed projects in our Professional Portfolio.


A tool for designers: offered to you by Lumon

Lumon offers tools and expertise to support the work of a designer. The right tools and the right materials will speed up the design process and make it easier for customers to present different options. Making the changes the customer wants is also faster with the help of the finished material library. 

Discover the ProdLib library for designers! Download and start planning: 

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