Retractable Glass Walls in Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton and Beyond

Retractable glass walls for offices, gyms and retail stores

Get to know our retractable glass walls in Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton and many other places in Canada. You’ll be amazed at the many, many ways in which you can use them. 

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Retractable glass walls for offices

For many years, office planning has been moving away from enclosed office space to a more open and collaborative model. Our retractable glass walls give you the best of both worlds. They can retract to create larger spaces when needed and can close to create small spaces for smaller groups or private meetings.

For greater privacy, you can choose to frost the retractable glass walls.

For even greater flexibility, you can combine our retractable glass walls with our custom-made sunroom blinds.

Retractable glass walls for gyms

Our retractable glass walls for gyms can close for greater privacy, such as when running an exercise class. After class, you have the option of retracting the walls fully to allow for better ventilation.

As with office applications, the retractable glass walls can be transparent or frosted to suit your needs.

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Retractable glass walls for retail stores

Lumon’s retractable glass walls allow you to secure a portion of your retail store, while still allowing customers to see your products. It’s a great way to keep valuable merchandise visible while discouraging shoplifting.

When desired, you can slide open the glass walls to create an inviting space for customers.

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