Restaurant Patio Enclosures Benefits

Enclosing your restaurant patio is a profitable decision!

Lumon's balcony glass offers a solution to these issues by providing numerous benefits for all restaurant owner, staff and customers. Our restaurant patio enclosures helps you achieve an optimum experience in the following ways:

  • Lumon provides protection from wind and rain to extend the outdoor dining season
  • Made from glass, they make even small spaces feel open and light, and they don’t obstruct diners’ views
  • Extend your patio season for year-round usability
  • Drastically increases seating capacity
  • Lumon creates a flexible space for dining and private events
  • Get more customers on daily bases by makeing your patio the talk of the town

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Extend your patio season with Lumon restaurant patio enclosures

Restaurant patio enclosures are the perfect solution for your restaurant. The weather conditions in Canada make outdoor dining a challenge. This results in 'patio dining season' only lasting up to 6 months. But what if we told you, you can extend your patio season to 12 months with one change in your restaurant layout? With Lumon's retractable enclosures, you can enjoy maximum flexibility and utilise your patio space all year round to increase your seating capacity and generate greater revenue throughtout the year.

 With Lumon's enclosed patio, we were able to increase our seating capacity from 102 seats to 147 seats for year-long use. It is a fully heated patio but the ability to adjust and utilize this whole space throughout the year instead of a spring-summer-fall patio is huge for us.

Stephen Gregorig

Founder of Smuggler's Trail Langley, BC

Decrease your maintenance cost with Lumon restaurant patio enclosures

Canadian weather conditions can lead to an accelerated deterioriation of vinyl enclosures, higher energy costs and endless maintenance costs.These additional costs can become a burden on restaurant owners and may deter or delay restaurant improvements.

WIth Lumon, you can find a solution to all these problems. Lumon enclosures have a lifespan of atleast 30 years even with minimum maintenance. This means that all the money you save on maintaince/replacements over years can be used to invest in improvements for your restaurants.

When your outdoor space is comfortable for diners—regardless of what the weather is doing—you can rely on it as a steady income generator. In addition, you’ll no longer have to deal with last-minute staffing or booking changes because you can count on your outdoor space being open!

 I love the Lumon design ... ln the summer this space
feels quite open, and in December and January and November especially, [it] feels warm enough out here that customers are comfortable ... lt feels
like you're sitting outside [even with] an inch or two of snow outside the glass

Jody Two

Owner I Jack's Place Victoria, BC

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