Hotel Balcony Glass in Toronto, Vancouver, and Hamilton

Balcony glass enclosures for hotels and conference centres

Hotel balcony glass is a great way to update existing hotel properties in Toronto, Vancouver or anywhere in Canada. Many architects and developers choose Lumon balcony glass for their new hotel property developments too.

In addition to exterior uses, such as balconies and patio enclosures, our frameless retractable glass walls also make elegant and flexible room partition for business rooms and conference centres.

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Increase the comfort and safety of hotel balconies

Many hotel balconies are of limited use due to high winds, adverse weather and noise. Our hotel balcony glass is a way to make hotel balconies more comfortable, thereby increasing the useable floor space of hotel rooms. They make a great selling feature!

In addition, our hotel balcony glass can help prevent accidental falls.

Improve and protect building facade

Our hotel balcony glass can update tired-looking hotel balconies as well as protect balconies and building envelopes from environmental degradation, which helps to reduce repairs and maintenance. 

An elegant solution for interior spaces

Our frameless glass sliding walls are a great way to create flexible interior spaces that can accommodate small or large groups.

For even greater flexibility, our retractable glass walls can be fully transparent or frosted to suit your needs.

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Lumon – every one we dealt with from the office staff to sales and installation were very pleasant and always more than happy to answer any questions we had. On top of all that the finished product is absolutely beautiful. We would highly recommend Lumon.

— Heather E. and Mitch H. from Surrey, B.C.

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