Smell of New York in a coastal town

I look around the balcony of my family friends; I have been here several times before but somehow note again the basic details. The balcony is large enough, nice furniture, the balcony glazing is made by Lumon, type Lumon 2. The balcony shades are new. They were not in place last time I was here. They have been made in the neighbouring municipality and the deal was closed by phone in Kouvola, I remember. “They are good”, the lady of the house in the living room praises, when she discovers me looking at the new shades.

“May we sit down over here?” “Why not,” says the master of the house. This is the place where we have spent numerous evenings, sometimes mornings, over about two decades now. “You had something in mind about the maintenance?” I ask. “Oh yes, the maintenance man called by,” he says. “The balconies were all checked. The housing company was in charge of all maintenance duties. We were not even at home, when the maintenance man was here. He had left a note on the table. The glazing system has functioned all right all these years, but the maintenance could have certainly taken place earlier than this. The glass panes slide much better now and the check-up revealed them to be properly in place. The wind is a bit of a problem though. It blows, on and off, quite roughly against the panes, because of the coastal location,” the master of the house continues, almost like muttering to himself. The shades are thus good and the maintenance was necessary. It comes to my mind that he might just be too polite to say anything to complaint about, but I then remember that we have known each other quite a long time. I have told my views and got frank feedback many times before.

We go through the balcony glazing history in Finland and are both of the same opinion that the balcony glazing has turned out to be a splendid invention and it has changed a lot the way how we use the balcony. I skip over a long lecture, as I‘m on vacation, to enable us to chat about many different subjects in a friendly way.

This sounds good to me. I feel that I’m part of something that is of real value to these people – customers and friends. Somebody has chosen right in the past. The residents have at that time been pleased with the glazing and it will please the eyes in the future, too. The selected panes have been strong enough to withstand the winds in the coastal town. The processes, pricing, customer satisfaction surveys, additional sales and other everyday matters that relate to my work come suddenly to my mind. “How long do they actually last from now on?” asks my friend, returning my thoughts to the present. I reply that they will still last over ten more years. “When is the next maintenance due?”

I promise to tell him when the glazing must undergo a maintenance process again. I stand up, open the shades a bit, the sun is comfortably warming up my shoulders. I can smell a strong fragrance of New York coffee brew from my cup, as I’m spending time with my friends on the windy coast of my previous home town.

Housing company Tarina:
– The building was finished in 2003.
– All balconies were provided with balcony glazing installations, when the building was constructed.
– The housing company is responsible for ordering maintenance for the balcony glass panes.
– Some of the balcony glass installations have undergone a maintenance process over the years, which has aroused the question about the condition of other residents‘ balcony glass installations. The residents want to know the date when all other installations will be subjected to a maintenance in the housing company.
– The housing company asked for a maintenance offer in the autumn of 2018.
– All balconies underwent maintenance actions made by Lumon as a wintertime work in January, 2019, to ensure their operational safety.
– The maintenance guarantees that the balcony glazing can be used safely for five more years. All maintenance and repair visits will take place free of charge for the housing company during the five-year period when the operational safety guarantee is valid.

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