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What is the difference between three and four season sunrooms?

It’s no secret: Lumon’s rooms are designed for three seasons use. It just so happens that this market is one of the best and fastest growing as well. But how do they compare with a four-season sunroom? Let’s find out!

This does not automatically mean the room cannot be put to good use in the winter season, though. It merely means that the glass panels are not insulated, and actually, that this type of solution has many benefits over a four-season room. 

Discover the main differences between three and four season rooms, and why a three-season room might just be the right solution.

1. Think overall usability 

Although it may seem that a four season room can be ‘better used’, considering the added insulated and sealed space, it is also a good idea to think about technical elements that may serve as a disadvantage. For example in the summer, heat is stored in the room, and if it is not possible to open up panels sufficiently or ensure airflow, the space can get quite uncomfortable. Especially considering the retractability of Lumon‘s three season sunrooms, you’ll easily be able to open up the room when it starts getting too hot, and close it back up in chillier or rainy weather. In a four-season room, a cooling and heating source will be needed, to cool off in the summer and warm up in wintertime. 

Technical studies have been done on Lumon’s rooms in that they ensure sufficient ventilation in the room, ensuring that airflow is sufficient no matter the conditions. 

Non-insulated glass will lose heat easily, but on the flip side of the coin, on sunny days in the fall and spring, passive solar heating takes place. Harness the power of Vitamin D, and get rid of those winter blues! Even on some winter days where the snow is all around you, but the sun is bright, can enjoy a warm cup of coffee outside.


2. An investment

Four season rooms are generally much more expensive than three season rooms, as this constitutes for a deep “surgical intervention” in your existing home. It may also require additional permitting. Lumon’s high-quality product is cost-effective, and not as expensive as four-season rooms. Some may still consider Lumon ‘expensive’, but considering all its elements, it is a worthwhile investment for the home. You can read more about what constitutes the price of your Lumon room here

3. More environmentally friendly 

Considering both heating and ventilation aspects, Lumon’s rooms are energy efficient. Depending on the weather, the room can be kept closed or open, which reduces heating/cooling costs within the home. The retractable element also helps the home from over-heating. Did you know that a Lumon room’s carbon footprint is compensated in three years? Read more about Lumon’s focus on sustainability in this blog.

Lumon Glass Walls

4. Seamless views 

Most four-season sunrooms, in addition to their higher price, obstruct the view from the home to some extent. If you’re surrounded by a beautiful environment, you want to be able to enjoy it, too! Plus, if you want to add privacy, that is made possible with Lumon’s blinds, as well. 

Lumon’s retractable rooms are completely seamless, and sliding systems have minimal framing and a sleek style. Bring nature closer to your home! The design of Lumon’s sytems also focuses on timelessness, elegance, and is inspired by classy and minimalist Scandinavian design. Your Lumon room is sure to bring a WOW factor to the home. 

With a glass roof, you’ll be able to enjoy the rain and snow landing on the roof, a truly immersive experience. What better to then cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate?

5. Bring in an additional source of heat

Although Lumon’s rooms are three-season, why not add an infrared space heater (an eco-friendly option) or a thermal rug, so you can use the room in colder winter months as well!

Lumon sunroom with portable heaters

There are many reasons as to why a three-season room could just serve as a better option for your home! Inspired to start building your dream outdoor oasis? Get a free design consultation from one of our Design Consultants to get started! 

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