Sunroom decorating tips: lighting.

How to: cozy lighting in the sunroom

The dark autumn and winter nights bring with them an ambiance of their own. The cozy atmosphere is crowned with moody lighting in the sunroom, reflecting light to the surrounding streets or countryside.

Lighting designed to fit the sunroom makes spending moments reading or relaxing in the outdoor space so much more enjoyable. Use your imagination to get creative with lighting! In this blog, we present you with our favorite picks for lighting in the sunroom.

Integrate LED lights on the roof panels 

Starry skies can be enjoyed through the glass cover on dark autumn nights. If clouds are covering the night sky, LED lights installed on the roof panels are a perfect solution to bring some light into the room! The lights can be integrated into the roof panels upon installation, but this can be completed later as well. Modern lighting is a lovely way to make your space even more enjoyable! 

Installing the LED lights to the roof panels does not require help from an electrician. Before installation, however, it is good to be informed on 12V low voltage connections. The LED lights are to be installed on the plastic strip on the bottom of the roof panels, an integrated component in the groove of the panels. 

Did you know that LED lights for the sunroom need not be connected to any additional power source? 

Hanging lights require some additional planning 

Unlike LED lights, hanging lights require the same kind of outlet as indoor lights. When designing the sunroom, it is good to think about what the outside space will be used for, so that technicalities can be taken into consideration alongside the placement of furniture. For example, does the retractable sunroom of your dreams have a large dining table, which would need overhead lighting? In this way, the placement of lighting as well as technical elements can be taken into consideration already in the building phase.

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When planning the lighting for the sunroom it should be noted that lighting designed for indoor use should not be used outdoors. Lighting designed for indoor use cannot handle the moisture and temperature changes outdoors. Outdoor lighting is usually labeled as such, so remember to check the suitability of the lighting for intended purposes!

Lighting in your sunroom

Decorative lighting completes the final touches! 

Sufficient lighting in the yard and on outdoor spaces becomes especially apparent in the spring and autumn, when the crisp weather invites to spend time outdoors, but the sun may not always be out! In addition to adding to comfort and usability, lighting also brings a cozy atmosphere to the sunroom. 

The selection for decorative lighting is extensive, and you can be sure to find something to fit your tastes! Larger decorative lights can be set on the table for example, where additional light is brought in with some cozy vibes. 

Cozy vibes with candlelight

The cozy vibes of autumn and early winter are made even cozier with the subtle light of candles. Large lanterns can be placed on the floor, while tables can be lined with tea lights. If you wish to keep the atmosphere going overnight for passers-by to enjoy, switch the burning candles into some LED candles. 

Lumon sunrooms

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