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Best ideas for sunroom use in colder weather

The best part about adding a retractable sunroom to your home is that there are so many ways to put the new space to use! The autumn time and beginning months of winter are some of the coziest to spend in the sunroom.

Just close up the panels, get a space heater going – and enjoy some moments in the sunroom. On sunny days, the room is heated with the warmth of the sun! Here are the best ways to put your sunroom to use in the cooling months. 

1. Dinner party with friends and family

The sunroom is an ideal place for gathering! One of the best ways to put the sunroom to use in the cooling and darkening months is a cozy dinner party. Because of the dark evenings, you can set up lighting around the room and set up the space to be inviting to the visitors. Especially considering holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas that land in the cooling months, there’s lots of reason to celebrate with a nice dinner set-up. 

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If not a dinner party, the space can be used for all kinds of get-togethers around the holiday season, or just a casual game night with family. 

cost of the sunroom

2. Exercise room or an outdoorsy break room

The sunroom is also a great space for working out or a nice yoga session – if it gets too hot, just open up a few panels for some fresh, cool air! Plus, if you don’t feel like getting outside in the rain or snow, you can stay indoors while still enjoying the surrounding nature through the seamless glass walls

With kids, the space is also great for a break from the outdoors – have hot cocoa in the sunroom ready after your child’s hockey game or after they’ve been spending time outdoors with their friends or family. No need to worry about tracking all the snow inside

The space is also great for storing winter equipment such as skis or hockey gear. 

3. Home Office 

Are you getting tired of your home office space and would like to change the scenery before preparing for the holidays? Make the sunroom into your own office getaway, and enjoy the outdoors throughout the workday! In the cooler months, you’ll want to have a space heater going, though! 

Lumon sunroom as a home office

4. Letting out the interior designer in you

If interior decorating is of interest to you, one of the most fun thing about the additional space is just that – that there’s more room for getting creative with decor! With the coming of autumn and winter, change up the tones in the sunroom to reflect the changing colors of nature. Using different types of lighting is also a beautiful way to enhance the comfort of the space. 

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