Lumon sunrooms provide more room for life

An enclosed balcony: what is the benefit?

Have you been thinking about enclosing your balcony? Perhaps birds bother your balcony life or you just feel that you are not putting the balcony to its best possible use, especially when the rainy or snowy weathers come along.

Enclosing your balcony has benefits that go beyond what meets the eye. Here, we look at some core benefits of retractable balcony enclosures. 

Lumon sunrooms provide extra livable space

More space

We get it, space in city homes may be tight. More often than not, that is just the case. Having an enclosed balcony essentially gives you an extra room that is protected from birds, insects, and unpleasant weather. Here’s more ideas on how you can make the most of your small outdoor space.

Lumon Balcony glazing

Less noise 

Is there a road right below your home, or the area you live in just otherwise noisy? With an enclosed balcony, noise reduction can be up to 50%. 

advantages of Lumon glazing

Less maintenance

Considering the façade of the home, an enclosed balcony provides protection. Keep the façade free from weathering, and that way, you also don’t have to spend as much on maintaining the front of your home. Whether it be a city home with a balcony, or a countryside oasis with a open patio space, an enclosed room provides protection not only for yourself, but also for your home. 

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Less dirt and dust

We know what it’s like when spring comes along and there’s pollen in the air… it can be rather unpleasant! With an enclosed space, though, your spring and autumn cleaning will be made a much easier task. Here’s tips on how to clean your glazed space!

Balcony gardening

More space for design

Often, balconies in city apartments can look rather dull and grey. Perhaps there is one chair that has been long forgotten decorating the balcony. Especially for those with an eye for design, this can be a fun space to let your creativity come out and play! The opportunities for the space are endless: at-home gym, indoor herb garden… you name it. 

Lumon balcony promoting energy savings

More energy savings 

One of the greatest benefits of an enclosed space are energy savings. In fact, this buffer space can help you to save up to 7% in energy costs for your home… that’s quite a lot! In the summer, the space acts as a cooling buffer, not letting all of the heat get trapped inside your home, and in the winter, a heating buffer – the energy of the sun is stored in the space to help warm up your home.

What is even better that even in hot weather, with the panels being retractable, you can completely open up the space to let a nice breeze flow in. 

Are you ready to make more of your outdoor space? Book a free consultation with one of our Design Consultants today, so we can get started on the journey of making the most out of outdoor living. 

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