Make flexible glass sunrooms or glass balcony rails part of your new development or renovation. We have the planning and design tools that architects and developers will need to facilitate the process. 

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Expert advice and guidance

We’re pleased to offer architects, engineers and/or developers expert service and support through all stages of your project. In addition, we’ll provide you with any research and test results you may need for our glass sun rooms and balcony rails.

Download Lumon design tools

The GDL object, strength calculations, and structural drawings can be attached to the building's planning documents. These all will speed up the design process and facilitate the presentation of options to customers. They also make plan changes faster and easier. 

Download the Lumon product library

Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows. If you're a Mac user, please email customerservice [at], and we'll arrange to send you the material. 

You may also be interested in our product library installation instructions.

For more information about the library for our glass sun rooms, glass balcony rails and related products, watch this short introductory video:

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