Our goal is to be the leading provider of sustainable living solutions in the balcony and terrace glazing industry.

This means that we help our customers or build better homes in a sustainable way while providing them more room for life – with the long-term future always in mind. In addition, our products help our customers to minimize the carbon footprint of their homes. Calculations have proven that the reduction of carbon emissions achieved through the use of our product exceed the carbon emissions resulted in the production of our product by a wide margin. Our sustainability is lead by a sustainability horizon, which comprises of three parts: Environment, Social and Governance.


Our product development is guided by the goal to make products which provide benefit for our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. Lumon Glazing saves energy, and on average, the carbon footprint of the product is offset within three years and four months. Through this, we help our customers reach a carbon neutral future.

Social responsibility

We believe that the talent development of our personnel, focus in work safety, ensuring employee satisfaction, and support of employee wellbeing create the basis for providing the best service for our customers.


Lumon cares for its societal responsibilities, and focuses on serving the local communities where business operations are located. We are a profitable company, and the profit is used for the development of the business, its factories, and its products. Through this, we can make an impact in our society.

“Lumon has been selected to deliver balcony and railing glazing solutions for the ‘Roots’ multi-residential development in Hamburg. This building is a timber construct, the tallest of its kind in Germany upon its full completion in 2023. Balcony glazing contributes to energy savings, and extends the lifetime of the balcony by a significant amount.

Antti Vänskä, CE-Business Director, Lumon Group

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Join us to be a part of a sustainable and growing organization which bears its corporate responsibility – we believe that the best is achieved by learning together
Lumon is a trustworthy and stable employer. Our business has been growing profitably every year, and we take care of our social responsibilities. Our aim is to be the best and the most desired – even as an employer.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers make their homes better with Lumon glazing. It is out most important to us as a company that we carry out the mission responsibly, taking care of the personnel, the environment and society. When we carry out our corporate responsibility in accordance with the company’s values, we can be sure that our mission will also be fulfilled in the best possible way