A colorful balcony façade brought a modern look to this a multi-residential complex in Lahti, Finland

The facade of a 1970s-built multi-residential complex in the city of Lahti, Finland, was in need of a refresh. Traditional concrete railings were no longer feasible to repair. The housing association then decided to renovate the 24-unit residential complex with Lumon balcony glazing, railings, and blinds.

Behind the renovation project was a determined condominium board. “They wanted blinds and functional balcony glazing because the old glass wasn’t working properly for some residents. When the specs are laid out in this way, Lumon is often the final choice as a partner,” explains project manager Kristian Koskenniemi from Erigo Plan Oy.

Lumon was involved in the project at an early stage of planning. The structural sections of the project and the color of the railing cover were planned together with the project architect. A slightly different color for the railing glass was desired for the project, which is why multiple color samples with different film combinations were provided for the railing glass.

“For the railing glass, we got three different large color samples. Those were easy to show to the board, to present all options and ask which one we should go with. When you can choose one out of three, everyone was very satisfied with the end result,” Koskenniemi continues.

Authentic color samples facilitate the selection process as they provide a true perception of color in their actual environment.

Anne Pelkonen, the architect of the project from Erigo Plan, also praises the chosen railing solution.

“The goal was to achieve a modern look for an older exposed aggregate concrete surface building, and we succeeded quite well. “The glass railing is often already one of those elements which refreshes the façade quite a lot, and its generally liked by the users, as the maintenance of it is much less than with concrete railings or other panel railings.”

Lumon parvekejulkisivu parvekelaseilla ja punaisilla lasikaiteilla

A unified appearance and sun protection with blinds

Uniform blinds were installed in all balcony glazings of the residential complex at the request of the board. The consistent blinds brought a nice appearance to the residential complex, which is also visible from the adjacent street.

“For the designer it is nice when the housing association has a clear vision of what they are looking for, so that we know what we are working towards. This building is located also in quite a visible spot by the road, and when passing by on the adjacent street, there are some houses where most of the balconies have blinds – It looks great when all the balconies have the same blinds,” says Pelkonen.

Haaponiemi also confirms the benefits of blinds for the entire residential complex: “The appearance of the residential complex remains stylish when everyone has the same blinds. At the same time, the need for cooling decreases in the residential complex, as the blinds provide sun protection to the balcony.”

Successful outcome with successful cooperation

The outcome was successful despite some small challenges, and the various parties involved in the project were satisfied with its progress.

“I would give 10- points overall for this project. It makes it a lot easier to have services from one partner – design, architectural design and structural design – it makes the work a lot more flexible,” says Koskenniemi. “Lumon’s products can genuinely be recommended anywhere. There hasn’t been a single bad experience.”

“The hopes of the housing association and what we planned for – our goals were always responded to well by Lumon,” Pelkonen continues.

Haaponiemi also comments on the project and cooperation with satisfaction: “I’m very satisfied with the project. I could say I’m satisfied with every project we get to execute, when as Lumon, we get to build facades in Finland. The cooperation with the various parties involved in the project went excellently. The architect and project manager utilized Lumon’s services wonderfully in the design and also in problem-solving.”

Lumon’s products can genuinely be recommended anywhere. There hasn’t been a single bad experience.

Project Manager Kristian Koskenniemi, Erigo Plan Oy

Functional and cost-effective balcony facades with project planning

By involving Lumon as early as possible in the project planning, we can implement the most economically and aesthetically optimal solutions.

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