Interview: Chairman of the Board in a Housing Association in Gothenburg, Sweden

BRF Linnégatan 41-45

Lumon Inglasning för BRF
Lumon Inglasning för BRF

You delivered exactly what you promised.

Håkan Moldén, Chairman of the Board of BRF Linnégatan 41-45

Håkan Moldén, Chairman of the Board in BRF Linnégatan Housing Association in Gothenburg, Sweden

We met with Håkan to hear a little more about why the housing association chose to glaze resident balconies, how they went about choosing a supplier for glazing, and how the overall experience of the process was.

How it all started

The BRF Linnégatan housing association was introduced to Lumon’s balcony glazing concept through a referral from the association’s secretary. “The reason we decided to glaze the spaces is actually because we have a secretary with a friend who had a space glazed in recently. She brought it up, and we thought – of course, why not include glazing?” Håkan says.

Survey for members of the association

The board then went out with a survey to investigate interest in Lumon’s balcony glazing systems. “The interest of the members was apparent,” notes Håkan.

Offer request sent out

The next step was to send out offer requests to three different suppliers. In the request, the housing association detailed all questions the board wanted to get answers to. One of the important metrics was to know who would be doing the installation of the glazing – the supplier themselves or a sub contractor? “The warranty package with spare parts was also an important factor for us in choosing Lumon,” Håkan says.

References from other housing associations

The board also contacted other associations that had installed glazing and heard about who they had used as a supplier of balcony glazing and how their experiences had been.

“You guys at Lumon had a very good impression on the market and it was just the final confirmation that, – if we choose Lumon, we’re definitely not making a mistake,” says Håkan.

We on the board represent the members and we wanted to feel confident about the supplier we would choose. Therefore, we asked for offer requests from various suppliers in order to be able to evaluate the best choice.

The experience and result of the process

“Everyone who I have spoken with in the association has been very happy with the result,” Håkan explains. “You delivered exactly what you promised.”

Håkan concludes that Lumon even managed to exceed the expectations of the association. “We have not received any complaints. I think that when you have managed to do that – it means you have delivered according to the expectations of the members here.”

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