Lumon PRO Webinar: Building Facades of the Future


Lumon is in the business of making better homes, a better life, and a better world. We believe the end users of our products deserve to utilize their dream homes to the fullest. Being closely related to the construction industry, we understand that the only way to do that and to achieve a profitable and valuable venture, it is crucial to provide the end user with the perfect combination of aesthetics, environmental protection, and ease of use.

Lumon is the solution to all those needs! We are a perfect partner to make sure your customers get what they deserve. We have been actively involved in our customers' projects since project design and we are a comprehensive partner for contractors and construction companies.
We invite you to witness the revolution in balcony enclosing systems. With over 40 years of experience, Lumon has developed Lumon Glazing to make your building stand out from the rest, not only by making an impact on the value of the property but also the lives of your customers. Find out more with our second international Lumon PRO Webinar on Thursday 21st of October at 16:00 CET.

This webinar will be the official launch of Lumon Glazing, a glazing system never seen before! The speakers of the event will be project developers Henry Nieuwenhuis and Mark De Graaf. They have a combined experience of more than 10 years, most of the time in the project business. That experience has given them a terrific opportunity to view and compare different living, design and building cultures throughout Canada. 

This event is targeted at architects, developers, builders and designers across all countries.

In the webinar we will witness conversations about:

- Launch of Lumon Glazing – new product line
- Technical differences between the old product line and the new product line
- Achieving better quality of life through balcony design


Register today to be a part of this facade revolution! 



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