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Tips for cleaning your glazing!

A relaxing autumn evening is made of candles, a cozy blanket and a steady drumming of rain. The fresh autumn air is best enjoyed in the glazed sunroom or balcony, protected from the dull autumn rain and wind. 

Before beginning to design your sunroom for autumntime, it’s good to clean it up after putting it to good use over the summer. It’s always nicer to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors through clean glass!

A good cleaning is also a way of maintaining the glass room, a way of extending the lifetime of the space. Discover our best tips for cleaning your glazing and keeping your room in good condition!

Consider these factors when cleaning the glazing 

Lumon‘s glazing is made of tempered glass. Cleaning this type of glass does not however differ from cleaning regular glass, so you can feel free to use the window cleaning equipment you have in store. Take caution that you are not scratching the glass surface when cleaning tempered glass. Avoid silicon-based products, and instead opt for Teflon-based ones.

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Tips for cleaning your sunroom glazing! 

  • Use regular house cleaning products for washing
  • Avoid using sharp items 
  • Wash the glass in an up-down motion, and at the bottom in a horizontal manner
  • Dry the glass with a squeegee 
  • Wipe the aluminum parts with a damp cloth

If your sunroom has a glass roof, it does not require washing very often, as the rain effectively cleans it. Also, leaves, needles or pollen do not usually stay attached to the glass. If, however, it looks like the glass roof requires a clean-up, it must be done very carefully. A stable ladder and a long-armed window cleaner are great tools to use when washing the roof. A Lumon glass roof can carry a weight of up to 200 kg / square meter. 

Remember to also regularly vacuum the bottom tracks of the glazing system. Pay special attention to the entryway, where small rocks and other garbage gets easily left behind!

Lumon balcony enclosure as your custom glazing solutions

Tips for cleaning your balcony glazing!

  • First, open all the panels
  • Wash the top-most stacked panel from the outside and dry with a squeegee. Retract the panel onto the tracks, and wash the flipside of the panel.
  • Wash all panels from both sides. When you’ve washed each panel, leave it closed for safety.
  • Wipe the aluminum components with a damp cloth. Use regular household cleaning items.

Maintain plastic components by spraying with silicon spray 1-2 times a year. Always wash balcony glazing safely by standing on the inside, and do not try to stretch to the outside to clean the panels.

When the glass its clean, it’s time to think about some autumn décor for your favorite room in the house. Is your balcony like a second living room or a lovely city garden?  

When does your glazing require maintenance? 

The foundations of homes as well as balconies shift over time, which means that even a quality glazing job sometimes requires some maintenance work and making sure that everything is tightly in place. It’s time to call for some help, if you notice anything odd going on with your system! Leave the maintenance to Lumon professionals, who are familiar with the operation of the glazing, and know how adjustments can be done safely and efficiently. 

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