Lumon retractable glazing for windy weather

Get your glass porch ready for summer

After a long winter, it’s time to prepare your porch for the hot summer months ahead. With spring here and summer’s sunny days on the horizon, transform your outdoor space into your dream retreat. Follow these simple tips to get your porch ready for summer and enjoy it year-round:

  1. Glaze in the Porch: Enclose your porch with glazing to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather. This creates a cozy, sheltered area for fresh air and sunshine year-round.
  2. Add Green Plants: Bring in green plants to refresh your Lumon glazing. Choose plants that thrive indoors and can handle varying light conditions. Strategically place hanging plants or floor pots to add a green touch and a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Create a Flower Wall: Grow plants vertically on a wall to save space and create an impressive visual display. Vertical gardens also help improve indoor air quality.
  4. Update the Interior: Refresh your Lumon glazing by painting, replacing floor coverings, and updating furniture and décor. Opt for light and airy colors to enhance spaciousness and openness.
  5. Incorporate Natural Materials: Use natural materials like wood, rattan, and bamboo in your glazing’s interior. These materials create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a harmonious connection with nature.
  6. Upgrade Your Lighting: Add ambient lighting for a pleasant evening atmosphere. Choose LED lights or solar lamps to save energy and provide a soft, comfortable glow.

By incorporating all or some of these ideas, you can prepare your porch for summer and create a dream outdoor space to enjoy long summer days and pleasant evenings with friends and family.

Backyard sunrooms add value to your home

Benefits of Glazing Your Porch with Lumon:

  1. Versatility: Use your veranda year-round, regardless of the weather.
  2. Protection: Enjoy fresh air and natural light while being shielded from the elements.
  3. Increased Usable Area: Expand your home’s usable space, creating an extra room for various purposes.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Add a modern, elegant look to your outdoor space with sleek profiles and clear glass.
  5. Value Addition: Increase your home’s value with a quality glass extension that appeals to potential buyers.

Glazing your porch with Lumon glass verandas is a fantastic way to transform your outdoor space. Whether you want to protect it from the elements, enhance its aesthetics, or expand your living area, Lumon glass verandas offer elegant solutions. Don’t wait—renew your porch today and enjoy outdoor living in the summer months ahead!

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