Types of Lumon Sunrooms in Canada

When it comes to sunrooms in Canada, you have a variety of design options to choose from, including frameless retractable sunroom glass, sunrooms with sliding patio glass, and frameless retractable balcony glass

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Sunrooms with frameless retractable patio glass

Our sunroom with frameless retractable patio glass is our most stunning and elegant sunroom option. The floor-to-ceiling patio glass looks sleek and refined and provides a completely unobstructed view. To install, a horizontal aluminum profile is mounted into the ceiling, and a low-profile track runs along the ground. Tempered glass panes measuring eight, 10 or 12mm thick are then fastened to these profiles. This sunroom provides you and your family with more usable space in your home that allows you to spend more time outdoors nearly all year long!

These panes make an effective windbreak for winds up to 300 km/h, yet they are lightweight and easy to slide and fold. This sunroom can also be fitted with retractable screens and window blinds. This option is ideal for ground floor sunrooms and solariums. 

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Sunrooms with sliding patio glass

Sunrooms with sliding patio glass are the best option for small spaces with little room to fold open the retractable patio glass. The glass panes slide along a series of tracks without folding out. 

Tempered glass panes measuring 8mm - 10mm thick are fastened to profiles on the ceiling and the floor. The glass panes sit in a slim and minimal frame, leaving no gaps between panes.

Like the frameless retractable patio glass above, the sliding patio glass sunroom is perfect for ground-floor applications and can be fitted with sun shade blinds and insect screens

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Sunrooms with frameless retractable balcony glass

In sunrooms with frameless retractable balcony glass, glass panels extend from existing railing (or similar fixed structure) to the ceiling.

Two horizontal aluminum profiles mount into the ceiling and onto the top of your railing (or your Lumon glass balcony rail). Tempered glass panes measuring 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick are fastened to the profiles. As with our full-length panels, these “half” panels can also withstand winds of up to 300 km/h but remain lightweight and easy to slide and fold.

These retractable glass panels folds inward, making them easy to access for cleaning. This sunroom style can also come with fitted with sun shade blinds and retractable insect screens.

Consider this option if you’re installing a sunroom on a second-level floor (or higher) or if you already have a waist-high structure in place.

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From William to installer Colin what a great job and company, such a pleasure to work with. Looks great. Thank you.

— Rob B. from Guelph, ON

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