How to use and maintain your sunroom

Adding space and life to your home

Lumon’s retractable glass walls are available in frameless and framed designs, as well as full or half-height. Regardless of the sunroom options that you choose, all of our retractable glass walls are easy to open and close and will continue to work reliably, even after years and years of use. Just as importantly, they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain.

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Frameless retractable glass walls

Frameless retractable glass walls open with a regular door handle that can be locked if desired. Once the first panel is open, the remaining glass walls slide smoothly along the track and fold against the wall. You can choose to open and fold all glass panels or leave some in place as a partial windbreak or protection from other elements.

See our frameless retractable glass walls in action:

Framed retractable glass walls

Framed glass walls work slightly differently. Rather than folding against a wall, these glass panels slide along a multi-track system and stack behind one another.

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Second story deck enclosures 

Naturally, it wouldn’t be safe to install full-height glass sliding walls on a second story (or higher) deck. Therefore, our glass second story deck enclosures are designed to work with existing railings or Lumon balcony railings.

second storey deck enclosure, second storey sunroom, second storey patio enclosure

These second story deck enclosures are half-height. They slide along a track and fold open, just as our frameless retractable glass walls do.

These panels open with a car door style handle that can be locked (as an optional feature) if desired.

When all of the panes have been folded open, they are held in place with a mounting tape to prevent them from shifting in the wind. 

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Maintaining Lumon retractable glass walls

Lumon retractable glass walls are easy to care for. Simply use a home cleaning product that’s safe for glass and a soft cloth and/or squeegee. Avoiding using any product or tool that may scratch the glass surface.

Aluminum components can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild solution.

Vacuum the bottom track regularly to keep glass walls sliding smoothly.

For more information, download our user manual or contact us.

Furnishing your new deck enclosure

Temperatures and humidity in your new deck enclosure will vary with the season and time of day because it’s not a thermally sealed space. (Small gaps in the profiles allow for ventilation to prevent moisture problems.) Therefore, we recommend using outdoor furniture or furniture that has been protected with a moisture-proofing solution. 

Gardening in your new deck enclosure

Our deck enclosures are a great way to extend the growing season for flowers, shrubs or vegetable gardens! Many of our customers create entire gardens in their deck enclosures that they can enjoy over many months of the year.

winter garden, balcony garden, deck garden, greenhouse, patio greenhouse, patio garden

The Lumon wall of retractable glass ... has added an extra entertainment room to our living space and our friends and family are constantly enjoying the space created all year round. Best investment we could have made as it enhances square footage while making the space usable any day of the week all year long.

— Patrick D. from Coquitlam, BC

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