How to Purchase Screens and Blinds

Purchasing your balcony and terrace shades

A simple, pain-free process

Balcony and sunroom solariums are a fantastic way to maximize natural light, as they are the border of your home's indoor and outdoor spaces. You find yourself spending more and more time in your sunroom during each season to relax and unwind. Lumon has designed screens and blinds to compliment the space on an aesthetic and functional level. 

We want every moment of your experience in your solarium to be a pleasant, comfortable and tranquil one. Whether the morning sun, the hot weather at noon and privacy in the evening, we have kept every decision in mind when we designed our screens and blinds to compliment your Lumon products.

Our shades are available for purchase in conjunction with the following Lumon products:

  • Balcony glass system
  • Glass railings
  • Glass sunroom
  • Glass patio covers

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How to purchase sun-protective shades? 

Lumon screens, blinds and shades can be easily ordered in connection with ordering Lumon balcony glass system, glass railing, glass sunroom or glass patio cover systems. If you have an already existing Lumon system in your home and looking to refresh and spruce it up, our screens and blinds could be the ticket you're looking for. 

The Lumon shades are always cut to fit in with your custom sunroom or balcony glass dimensions. Book an appointment with our design consultants to price out your Lumon. Our experts are ready to present different models available and propose all the possibilities that exist to get you the best offer. We are here to work with you to convert your space into a fresh, modern and stunning sanctuary.

How to get our screens and blinds at the best price?

When you visit our showroom, ask everything you need to know about our blinds because they are a perfect addition to any Lumon sunroom, balcony enclosure or outdoor living space!

If you decide once you have your glazing installed, nothing happens. As always, we will be at your support for whatever you need.


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