What are Lumon Patio Covers?

Connect yourself to the outdoors in style and comfort

When it comes to patio covers for your home, there numerous companies to choose from. That being said,  the more you get to know us and our products, the more reasons you’ll have to choose Lumon for your patio cover for the benefits and style it brings.

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Over 35 years of experience in patio coverings

On the surface, patio coverings look simple to design and manufacture. Consequently, it’s not unusual for new manufacturers and re-sellers to appear with new products—but then disappear just as quickly.

At Lumon, we’ve been creating patio coverings and related products, such as retractable glass walls and glass balcony rails, for over 35 years. Our products have been thoroughly tested and proven, and we stand by behind them with a generous warranty.

We offer customized solutions

Every home, backyard and patio is different—as is every homeowner’s needs and preferences. Which is why any “pick option A, B or C” solution is going to disappoint.

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to patio coverings. Therefore, we design and engineer every installation to work specifically for you and your home.

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Our patio coverings are made in Canada

While our company was founded in Finland, we’ve since expanded around the globe. Today, we proudly manufacture our patio coverings for Canadian customers at our Ontario manufacturing facilities. 

In addition, we have showrooms in Langley, BC, Vaughan, ON, and Hamilton, ON and authorized dealers across Canada.

Our patio coverings are environmentally friendly

Sustainable development and respect for nature are essential to Lumon. Our materials are recyclable and all production material remnants are recycled to produce new products.

Learn more about our commitment to the environment.

We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new Lumon patio covering. We appreciated your prompt visit to our home to provide us with a professional consultation and review the product and options. Darryl and the other installer worked hard to install our awning during not so favourable weather. They did a fantastic job and the cleanup was spotless. Darryl also went through a checklist with us and explained everything prior to leaving. Thanks!!

— Gerard and Mary D. from London, ON

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