What are Lumon Patio Covers?

Connect yourself to the outdoors in style and comfort

When it comes to patio covers for your home, there are numerous companies to choose from. That being said,  the more you get to know us and our products, the more reasons you’ll have to choose Lumon for your patio cover for the benefits and style it brings.

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Benefits of Patio Covers

The benefits of having a covered patio in Vancouver, Toronto or elsewhere in Canada may seem obvious—it will keep you dry when it rains! But having a covered patio does much more than that. Benefits range from spending more time outdoors, brightening interior spaces and adding value to your home. 

  • A covered patio allows you to spend more time outdoors. A patio cover allows you to take control of your patio space. Most especially if you combine your patio cover with retractable glass walls.
  • A covered patio brightens your home’s interior. These patio covers allow sunlight to come through without accompanying heat. As a result, you won’t have to close interior blinds or draw curtains to keep interior temperatures cool.
  • A covered patio creates a place for families and entertaining. Whether you use your covered patio for barbecuing, reading, spending time in your hot tub, or all of the above, a covered porch is a space that your friends and family will love.
  • A covered patio adds value to your home. A covered patio is an investment that can pay dividends when you sell your home. Outdoor spaces have value—and the more useable and comfortable that space, the better. 
  • A covered patio protects your furniture. With a covered patio, you don’t have to worry about the sun fading and warping patio furniture or the rain ruining cushions. With this protection, you won’t have to scramble to put away cushions every time it threatens rain.
  • A covered patio is an all-year solution. It keeps your outdoor space dry during rain and snowfall and provides protection from heat and UV rays on sunny days.
  • A covered patio extends the growing season. With a protective cover, your plants will have more time to grow, and blooms will last even longer when not subject to harsh sunshine and high temperatures.


Types of Patio Covers

We offer a variety of patio cover options across Canada because every patio, backyard, home and neighbourhood is unique. We can custom design a patio cover solution that works perfectly for you and your home! Both our glass and acrylic patio cover are customizable with aluminum or wood frame. 

  • Glass patio cover works best when you want maximum sunlight but protection from rain and snow. With its clean lines, our glass patio covers look sleek, clean and elegant. 
  • Acrylic patio cover works best when there is a concern for the summer heat. Our acrylic patio cover protects against hot and damaging UV rays while allowing light to filter through. These acrylic patio covers have little in common with plastic patio covers that turn yellow and brittle over time. Our acrylic patio panels are engineered in Germany. They’re durable, have low maintenance costs and can stand up to harsh conditions for years and years.

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Make more room for life in your backyard with Lumon's Patio Covers

At Lumon, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing glass balcony façades for over 40 years. All those decades of research and product development are evident in the quality and design of our glass balcony façades in the GTA as well as the GVA. 

Our glass balcony façades are unrivaled in style, appearance, functionality and security. As our 1,000,000-plus customers can attest, they’re also simple and easy to use. More reasons to select Lumon's balcony facade solutions include:

  • Over 40 years of experience in producing and installing patio covers.
  • We offer customized solutions.
  • We manufacture our balcony facades in Canada - in Vaughan, Ontario.
  • We care about the environment, meeting LEED standards.
  • We respond to your needs, every step of the way.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Glass patio covers can be cleaned with soapy water or any regular household cleaning product.

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We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new Lumon patio covering. We appreciated your prompt visit to our home to provide us with a professional consultation and review the product and options. Darryl and the other installer worked hard to install our awning during not so favourable weather. They did a fantastic job and the cleanup was spotless. Darryl also went through a checklist with us and explained everything prior to leaving. Thanks!!

— Gerard and Mary D. from London, ON

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