Patio Cover Options

Discover the ways you can spruce up your outdoors

We offer a variety of patio cover options in Toronto, Vancouver and across Canada because every patio, backyard, home and neighbourhood is unique. We can custom design a patio cover solution that works perfectly for you and your home!

For example, depending on your preferences and outdoor space, you might choose a:

  • Glass or acrylic patio cover
  • Aluminum- or wood-frame patio cover
  • Classic or cathedral-style patio cover
  • Pergola sun shade for existing pergolas.

In addition, we have options within these product groups, including tints, framing material, shape and support systems.

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Choose a glass or acrylic patio cover

A glass patio cover often works best when you want maximum sunlight but protection from rain and snow. With its clean lines, our glass patio covers look sleek, clean and elegant. 

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If summer heat is a concern, our acrylic patio cover protects against hot and damaging UV rays while allowing light to filter through.

These acrylic patio covers have little in common with plastic patio covers that turn yellow and brittle over time. Our acrylic patio panels are engineered in Germany. They’re durable, low maintenance and can stand up to harsh conditions for years and years.

Both our glass and acrylic patio covers are available in a variety of tints. 

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Choose an aluminum- or wood-frame patio cover

The aluminum frame for our glass patio cover was designed and engineered in Finland, where the ability to stand up to harsh winter and summer weather is critical.

Given its durability, this is a popular patio cover option in Toronto, Hamilton and the Niagara region. 

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When your home is wood construction or has wood elements, then our wood frame patio cover is a great design choice. This cover is a hybrid solution that combines a lightweight and secure aluminum frame with wood posts and beams. In appearance, it resembles a classic wood-construction pergola.

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We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new Lumon patio covering. We appreciated your prompt visit to our home to provide us with a professional consultation and review the product and options. Darryl and the other installer worked hard to install our awning during not so favourable weather. They did a fantastic job and the cleanup was spotless. Darryl also went through a checklist with us and explained everything prior to leaving. Thanks!!

— Gerard and Mary D. from London, ON

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