How to use your Lumon patio cover

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Once installed, your Lumon patio cover will provide you with years and years of protection from rain and UV rays so you can make better use of your backyard, deck or patio. All you have to do is enjoy them!

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Maintaining Lumon patio covers 

Lumon patio covers are easy to clean and maintain, one of the many benefits with this product. Glass patio covers can be cleaned with soapy water or any regular household cleaning product. We find that using a long-handled squeegee gives the best results. Avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaners that might scratch the glass.

The silicone in our acrylic covers makes them easy to clean. Often a simple rise with a water hose is all that’s needed. (Sometimes, a light rain will do the job for you!) If you choose to use a cleaning product on our acrylic patio covers, stick with a gentle dish soap and a soft bristle brush.

Acrylic patio covers should not be cleaned with alcohol-based cleaning products.

Patio cover furnishings

While Lumon patio covers create a semi-protected area for your guests and family to enjoy, any furnishings you choose will be subject to variances in temperature and humidity. Therefore, we recommend selecting furniture designed for outdoor use.

If you plan to keep furniture under your patio covering for longer periods of time, we recommend treating furniture, especially soft materials, with moisture-proofing applications.

If your patio cover is designed to block UV rays (such as our acrylic deck covers), you won’t have to worry about your furnishings fading through sun exposure.

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