Thanks to elegant appearance, Lumon balcony glazing and balustrade products stand out from the rest in a nearly-ready tower block in Antwerpen

Antwerpen Nieuw Zuid, which is mainly intended for housing purposes, is under construction close to the centre of Antwerpen. The area is the most significant urban development expansion project in Antwerpen, or, in fact, in the entire Belgium. The architectural and qualitative goals set for the area are ambitious. Triple Living, the developer of the area, is responsible for all new building projects in the entire Nieuw Zuid complex. The 24-storeyed residential tower block, with a hotel in its 6-storeyed wing section, has recently been completed. The complex was designed by the KCAP architectural office in Rotterdam. Interbuild, a Belgian subsidiary of the Dutch BAM company, acted as the main contractor. This is the first complex in Belgium that has been implemented with Lumon glazing products.

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Lumon products fit in with the exquisite architectural appearance of the complex

We started to work on the project together with Fitin glas, our Dutch distributor, as early as in 2015, when the complex was at the planning and tendering stage. “Outline drawings and images of the complex showed us immediately that the horizontally braced Lumon balustrade and the Lumon balcony glazing solution will fit excellently in with the complex,” recalls Pete Lattunen, Export Manager, Msc. Architect at Lumon International Oy. “The concrete framework around the body of the building would allow for taking full advantage of the properties of these Lumon products, thus making it possible for our product solutions to stand out from the rest, thanks to their elegant appearance,” says Lattunen and continues: “It has taken a long time and been challenging to finish the project that was at that time initiated. I strongly believe, however, that the project will be rewarding in the end.”

lumon canada, product, balcony glass, balcony glazing, better homes, blacony, glass enclosure

The agreement was finally signed, after a multi-stage process, in January 2018. According to Lattunen, the wind loads exerted on the residential building turned out to be challenging. The same applies to the Belgian standards and calculation models. The properties of our product solutions were strictly examined from a variety of aspects. “Those in Belgium are not so accustomed to completing this kind of balcony facades. It is, therefore, understandable that the customer, architect and main contractor wanted to carry out thorough assessments. The assessment work done by the engineering firm was also thorough, since it supervises that the technical quality of the product solutions is good and the solutions conform to the standards,” sums up Lattunen.

“The customer is satisfied with the work we have done in collaboration,” rejoices Lattunen and continues: “We hope and believe that the customer will allow Lumon to participate in its future projects, after the completion of our first common glazing project.”


Developer:                       Triple Living

Main contractor:             Interbuild

Local collaboration partner:       Fitin glas

Construction type:          24-storeyed residential tower block, with a hotel in its 6-storeyed wing                                           section.

Lumon products:            balustrade 1938m, Lumon 5 871m