Enjoying Your Retractable Balcony Glass Is Simple

Forget the headache, our glass is easy to use and maintain

Our Vancouver and Toronto retractable glass balcony windows (which are available across Canada) are designed to make your life at home a breeze. Our goal is to enhance the quality of your time at home through relaxation, enjoyment and providing a solution that is simple to use and easier to maintain.

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Retractable glass balcony windows

The retractable glass balcony windows open easily with a handle that’s similar to a car door handle. Once opened, the glass panels fold against the wall and can be secured to prevent movement.

You can either open all glass panels or leave some in place for partial protection.

A key lock is available as an option to provide additional safety for children and pets.

Maintaining glass balcony windows

Lumon retractable glass balcony windows are easy to care for. To clean, simply apply any cleaning product that’s safe for use on glass. (Harsh or gritty cleaners may scratch the glass surface). Our retractable windows fold inwards, placing the glass panels within easy reach for cleaning.

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Aluminum components can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild solution. The tracks should be vacuumed occasionally to keep the glass walls sliding smoothly. For more information about balcony glass use or maintenance, contact us we are here for you.


We have now had our window glass enclosure installed for several months. On windy days, we keep the glass windows shut and can still be on the balcony, as if it was a calm day. That is wonderful.

— Bengt L. from Toronto, ON

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