Benefits of Balcony Glass

Enhance the quality of your life, home and style

Balcony glass in Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton or anywhere in Canada is a huge improvement over an open balcony or fixed-glass solarium. The benefits of our balcony glass is that it can be opened or closed, providing the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. 

At Lumon, we know that you would love to have a place inside your home where you can escape from hectic schedules and live unique moments in tranquility and freedom. Enjoy every day on your balcony with our elegant enclosures, taking control of the seasons and opening yourself up to new possibilities.

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Benefit #1: Increases usable living space

When protected by balcony glass, your balcony transforms from an occasionally useable space to one you can use almost any time.

Our system is designed for maximum comfort and easy to use. When the weather is cold, wet or windy, you can keep the balcony glass closed for protection. When the weather is warm and pleasant, you can open up the balcony glass and let in fresh air. If the weather is somewhere in between, you can choose to have the balcony glass partially open.

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Benefit #2: Doesn't count toward gross floor space

Because our balcony glass can open and close, it doesn’t create a permanent, thermally sealed enclosure. (Rather becoming a new interior room, the balcony enclosure continues to function as—and maintains the character of—an outdoor space). As a result, the enclosed balcony doesn’t count towards your total square footage.

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Benefit #3: Protects your balcony and furnishings

In a country like Canada, we encounter extreme temperature on both sides of the thermometer. These temperature changes can become very damaging to our balcony and outdoor furniture, which leads to an increase in maintenance costs. With balcony glass, your balcony structure and furnishings are protected from outside elements, reducing repairs and maintenance.

Benefit #4: Reduces noise and increases safety

Our balcony glass not only acts as a windbreak against wind and rain, it also reduces noise by 50% and adds an extra layer of safety for children and pets. 

Benefit #5: Reduces energy consumption

When kept closed during the colder months, balcony glass reduces energy consumption, allowing you to heat your home more efficiently, with less heat loss.

When it comes to buying balcony glass in Mississauga, Toronto, Burnaby, Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada, we know you have some big decisions. Yet, purchasing Lumon balcony glass is the easiest (and best!) decisions you’ll make.

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No other manufacturer has Lumon’s depth of experience—nor a product so thoroughly tested in labs and in real-world installations. As a result, we produce one of the most popular balcony glass systems in the world.

These are absolutely amazing windows. We have them on both of our balconies and they’ve revolutionized our lives! Awesome!!

— Kim C. from North Vancouver, BC

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